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Proof That Squarespace VS WordPress Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

In this article, we will discuss Squarespace VS WordPress for blogging. If you see the list of best blogging platform then WordPress will also place in 1st or 2nd position. Till no CMS is best for beginners. There are many blogging platforms other than WordPress are offering their free services. After the end of this article, you will able to pick better from Squarespace and WordPress.

We have divided this article into small parts so a beginner can easily understand which is the best for their blog or website? We have analyzed every part of the platform and after that our report updated in this article.

It is comparison report of VS Squarespace, not If you want to see a comparison between and .org.

Comparison Squarespace VS WordPress Start Now…

Which Is Easy To Use Between Squarespace VS WordPress?

Now we see which is easy to use? Often beginners don’t know about Html and CSS. They need a platform which gives facility to build a professional website without using coding. Let’s see which one is better between WordPress and Squarespace? Read more Which Is The Best Between Medium and .org?


It is a platform which is best for beginners and experts. We can use this for big brands or blogs. It is easy to use and understandable. In WordPress software, you need to familiar the difference of Post and Pages, Categories and Tags, Themes and Plugins.

Editor of WordPress is simple and easy to understandable. Post editor of WordPress also shown below. In which if you know HTML then you have the option to use otherwise just use option and create your article or page. You can audio, video or image by one click. Mostly beginners pick up immediately this editor.



Squarespace is easy to use and understandable. A beginner can easily create post or page and publish it immediately. You can see the interface of Squarespace as below.


You can add images, audios, and videos by drag and drop option. It is familiar like WordPress. Just use drag and drop option for any file addition in your post or page.


Squarespace is more than easy to WordPress for beginners. On the other hand, WordPress has many choices which make confuse the beginner in the start but if a person understands then he can grip it for a long period. If you want to drag and drop WordPress themes and plugins then you can use Themify and Headway Themes for this purpose. Read more How To Start Your Own Website Free?

Cost Comparison Between Squarespace VS WordPress

Now just see the cost of these platforms. Let’s see Squarespace VS WordPress cost expense.

WordPress Cost

It is an open source software under licensed GNU GPL which is offering free services. So that’s clear if you use then no charges will apply. If you are interested then in case you need to hire hosting. If you want to know about hosting then read this article what is hosting?
After hosting you need a domain you can purchase from any registrar like Go daddy, 1&1 etc. Domain starts from $0.99 and so on. If you see total cost then WordPress is the lowest plan to start a website. You can use more than 2700 templates and 330000 plugins on your site without paying anything.

Squarespace Cost 

Squarespace person plan starts from $8 per month. This is an affordable plan which is equal to shared hosting plan of The first plan is WordPress hosting plan in which you can create 20 page and 1 blog. Only two contributors allowed and you are limited to sell only one product.
The professional plan starts from $16 in which 20 products, unlimited pages, and bandwidth allowed. You can sell unlimited products and pages, space and bandwidth in the business plan which starts from $24 per month.


Squarespace has affordable plans but WordPress is a better platform for those who want to start a business website or e-commerce website. Because there is no restriction on WordPress all depend on you and everything depends on your choice.

Features and Appearance Between Squarespace VS WordPress

Just see the difference between Squarespace VS WordPress appearance.



You can choose a great theme as you desire. Million themes of WordPress available on different sites. These are designed SEO friendly and lowest rates. You can easily understand and there is the option of the demo. You can use the unlimited feature for your website no restriction. If you want to install the plugin from an external source then it is possible also.



Squarespace is a great platform but in which you cannot use unlimited features. There are limited templates so you are bound here. You cannot use unlimited plugins you are bound to use those options which are offered by Squarespace. You cannot install the plugin from external source. In which option are limited and you cannot make a change which you desire.


WordPress has the more powerful option from Squarespace and it is beaten from WordPress in term of features and appearance.

eCommerce Option Between Squarespace VS WordPress

If you want to create an e-commerce site then see which is better for you?



It is a unique platform which allows using which you want on your website. You can use a plugin for payment Paypal, Google Checkout, Payoneer, Skrill, and Bitcoin. There is a huge quantity of plugins are available. One another option is that if you are creating new e-commerce site then you can choose a theme which is specially designed for an online store. But if you want to change a running theme then just install a plugin and turn it to the online store. You can sell unlimited products and make unlimited transactions.


If you want to build an e-commerce site on Squarespace then you are going to wrong way. Because here limited options of payment. You cannot use other than Stripe for payment process. And it is available for some countries. Here you are also bound to sell products. Like if you want to sell 22 products then you will hire business plan. Which is costly.

If you want to use third party services then you also bound. You can use limited feature offered by others.


WordPress is a better platform for e-commerce site because here you are not using limited features. You can grip whole the world.

Move to other In Squarespace VS WordPress

If you are not satisfied from your platform then without any hurdle you can move to the desired platform. So now see who are offering this option?


It is a great platform which is offering free services like backup and data import etc. When you are using it then everything in your hand. When you like you can import your all data with the help of plugins and without plugins. You have the option to move anytime to another platform without any difficulty.


On the other hand, Squarespace has limited options in case of moving to another blogging platform. You can export an XML file which consists of pages, galleries and 1 page and all posts. You cannot export videos, audios, and albums.


Your site is your property and if you don’t have right to move another platform then what is the benefit of the current platform? So if you face any difficulty after a year and you are bound to use it forcibly then you will leave this. So it’s a better choice to choose WordPress where your all data save in your own hands. You are not bound to use it forcibly.


If you see the best blogging platform nowadays then we will suggest WordPress. On the other hand, Squarespace has limited options and features. After host, you cannot export your site for another platform. You have read the difference between Squarespace VS WordPress and I hope you will like this and follow us on Twitter.

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