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Stop Using Feedburner and Feedburner Alternatives

Stop Using Feedburner and Feedburner Alternatives

Why Don’t We Use Feedburner? In this article, we will talk on stop using Feedburner and Feedburner alternatives. Just move your RSS feed to alternatives of Feedburner if you are also using this. It’s a free service which started by Google. A few years ago Google propagated rumor that they are shutting down this service but still they did not shut down this. You can know what is RSS feeds?

It updated many years ago but till they did not make any change in it after it. They also remove AdSense feature from feeds. Furthermore, this is offering to show feeds in a better way. It is offering an option to subscribe your blog for your visitors.

Stop Using Feedburner and Feedburner Alternatives

Now just see why to stop using Feedburner and prefer Feedburner alternatives. Let’s discuss here how you can move your feeds from Feedburner to alternatives. We are using WordPress default feeds and operate it by our own end. When you are using WordPress feed then you have the option to better operate and you can rely on it.


Keep in mind visitor of your site don’t visit your RSS feeds. If you are a user of this service for displaying site feeds and social sharing then you stop to use anymore. If you are using WordPress CMS then you can give the option to your users, they can subscribe your blog by Jetpack plugin. When a post or page will update or publish they will receive an email by your end.

By the usage of Google free service, you cannot send any update regarding your site to your subscribers properly. You can take advantage of the email marketing services like MailChimp or Aweber. These services are offering the option to check analytics, who open your mail and how many time and clicks etc.?

You can use Mailchimp it’s free for 2000 subscribers. Now just see alternatives. Now next step of stop using Feedburner and Feedburner alternatives.

Moving From Feedburner to Mailchimp

Now see moving from Feedburner to Mailchimp. If you were using email subscription feature then just export it. Sign in your account of Feedburner. Now click on your feed. After it, click on “See more about your subscribers”

More about Your subscribers (Feedburner)

You will see a new option just search out “Email subscription services section”. Now click on “Manage your email subscriber list”.

Manager your subscriber List

Now you will see options of export file in CSV format.

Export in CSV format

If you are using Mailchimp then just see here how to import?

Mailchimp Import Option

Sign in your Mailchimp account and create a list for your site. Now just import your list by seeing as under.

Create a list and import

After it just creates an RSS to email campaign for your website. Different names use in different marketing services. Like MailChimp uses RSS to email and AWeber use Broadcasts.

After it, the next step is to stop sending emails from your this account. Because if you don’t stop then your subscriber will receive two email. Read about how to use Mailchimp to send emails?

How To Redirect Subscribers To WordPress Feeds?

Now just see how to redirect subscribers to WordPress feeds? The first check did you have any code in your .htaccess file? After it just places the below link and checks is it working or not?

In the case of 404 error just access your .htaccess file and remove any redirect code. You have read about stop using Feedburner and Feedburner alternatives. But after this don’t increase your work. Don’t forget to read the below note.

Note: Don’t delete your old feed which you have created on Google providing service. Some tutorial will say to remove your feeds for redirecting your subscribers to the default WordPress feeds. Lastly, this is a wrong method by doing like this you will lose subscribers from your old account with this method. However, WPBeginner also published an article about it. If you want to read then click here.

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