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Taking Selfie Mental Disorder (Selfie Expert Must Read)

Taking Selfie Mental Disorder (Selfie Expert Must Read)

Taking Selfie Mental Disorder (Selfie Expert Must Read): The famous Psychologists Mark D. Griffiths Janarthanan Balakrishnan has declared that taking a selfie is a mental disease. They said this is a mental disease. Let’s read more about it:

Nowadays, every third person is busy to take a selfie from their smartphone. If you have visited the most popular areas then most people are discussing the selfie also and it’s looking strange if you are not taking selfies. People are busying to take selfies on different locations like malls, market or restaurant.

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If you see the research of different Psychiatrist then this is a mental disorder which needs to cure. Basically, every person which is living in the society wants to share their memorable moments with their friends or wants to save these ones.

Taking Selfie Mental Disorder (Selfie Expert Must Read)

According to the research taking a selfie is a mental illness which creates a negative impact on the health. You can read here as under a research about it:

Obsessively Taking Selfies is Now a Real Mental Disorder Called ‘Selfitis’

This is the research which published on Peta Pixel that taking selfie mental disorder. The first research about taking Selfie mental disorder has published in 2014 with the name of “Selfitis”. The research has completed by the (APA) American Psychiatric Association while introducing the mental disorder. The research raises on the social media and with thanks.

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Taking Selfie Mental Disorder Research Area

Furthermore, in the International Journal of Health, a  news published about the taking selfie mental disorder by the physical check in which Psychologists Mark D. Griffiths and Janarthanana Balakrishnan has included. They said, the excessive selfies capturing indicate the mental disorder illness.

Moreover, the research has covered the people of India in which 400 individual has chosen to test the taking selfie mental disorder.  The research method was divided into 3 phases to check it.

This first category was those people who take selfie minimum 3 times a day but they saved it on their mobile or other but not posted to social media. The most dangerous category of those who capture the selfie and after it shares on the social media. The last and the worse category of those who take  6 selfies per day and they captured selfies on those time when people are resting.

Taking Selfie Mental Disorder You Need To Understand

An interesting answer of selfie captured found when he said I will be more popular when post to the social media. Moreover, if I did not take selfies then I am thinking that I am missing something and I need to fulfill now.

At the end, we have discussed here taking selfie mental disorder you need to understand about it. If you are a selfie expert then you need to worry about it because you are going to a mental illness. It has proven by the search of the Psychiatrist of the world. Recently test of 400 people also proved in India. So if you are also suffered from this disease then consult with a Psychiatrist immediately. If you like this then follow us on Twitter.

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