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Today we will talk about the best broken link checker tools. Broken links have a bad impact on a website ranking. So it’s better to checker broken link regularly and make redirect of broken link. Due to this SEO will not effect on site ranking. Some best-broken link checker tools I am sharing here. These tools are simple and easy to use.

Every search engine recommends checking your website regularly. Broken link checking manually take a big time so it’s better to use tools which tell you a good and exact report about your site broken link. You can check your site broken link by visiting these sites. Just put your website link and hit enter. First, it will analyze your whole website and after analyzing it will create a report which is working well and which links are broken. Just create redirect those broken links and then check again after a day. You can trace out broken links of your website by using Google Webmaster tools.

Broken Link checker tool downloadable are available on the internet. I am sharing these tools you can check your website by these. Broken link checker tools which are downloadable have limited access. So I will suggest you can use online broken link checker tools these are free.

After that, I will suggest you if you are a user of WordPress blogging platform then use broken link checker plugins to trace out broken link from your website. Keep in mind search engine target those sites who have an excessive quantity of broken links. Broken link also slows your site speed. So try to trace and create a redirect of these links. If broken links are an outbound link then remove from your page or post. Broken links also leave a bad impact on the user. Let’s see the best broken link checker tools here.

Broken Link Checker Tools For Windows And Mac

Xenu’s Link Sleuth For Windows

Xenu’s Link Sleuth For Windows

This is a free tool to analyze broken link of a website. Just enter URL and hit enter it will give you a complete report.

Download Link:

Screaming Frog SEO Spider For Mac and Windows

This is a tool which can work windows and Mac both. You can analyze any website using windows or Mac.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Download Link:

Broken Link Analyzer Tools Online

W3C Link Checker Tool Online

You can analyze your website broken links online by using this tool. Just visit the site and put your website URL after that wait for some minutes. It will analyze your website links and give you report of broken Links.

W3C Link Checker Tool

Website URL:

Link Checker

Link checker is also another tool to check website broken links. Just visit and past your website URL to find out broken links. Link checker creates a report of broken links now check and fix these URLs.

Link Checker

Website URL:

Google Webmaster Tools

I will suggest you use the best tool and the best tool is Google webmaster tools for broken link checker. You can check broken links of your site on Google webmaster tools. Broken links will show in Crawl errors tab. Just check and fix these links. Next time if you see again these links then check the previous fix link and after that create a new one. You can also use a plugin to create a redirect of broken link.

Google Webmaster Tools

Website URL:

WordPress Plugin For Broken Links Checker

You can find out broken links of a WordPress website by using a Broken link checker. So now we talk WordPress plugin for broken link checker. This is a simple and easy to use the plugin just analyze your website and fix broken links of your WordPress website. Just install and activate this plugin. Read also this article World’s Best Google AdSense Alternative

  • Login your dashboard and from sidebar select Plugins » Add new.
  • Now write in the search bar “Broken Link Checker“.
  • Now just install and activate this.


  • After installation just clicks on setting.


  • When you find out any broken link just try to make a redirect.


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