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Time Magazine (A Definitive Guide For Lovers)

Time Magazine (A Definitive Guide For Lovers)

Today here you will know the summary of Time Magazine and the way to subscribe Time Magazine, Cancel Magazine etc. It refers to current, future or past time of the time. So no need to confuse while reading The Times disambiguation. Time Magazine is an American news magazine which published on weekly basis from the New York City. The Time Magazine has introduced in 1923 by Henry Luce.

Time Magazine is the world’s big magazine which published on the weekly basis in regular. The biggest thing of this magazine is that more than 26 Million people read this magazine and these all are located in the United States of America. Richard Stengel is the MD of Time Magazine from 2006, May to 2013, October. However, Nancy Gibbs is the ME from 2013, September.

Now would you like to the best magazine of USA now. Then why read here the method to subscribe and get your name on the list of Time Magazine lovers.

The Time Magazine (A Definitive Guide For Lovers)

Time Magazine Subscription

Time Magazine subscription is not difficult, the magazine has made this simple and easy by creating a simple and easy page for their lovers. So just visit the page and enter the asked information in the fields and lastly click on the submit button for submission. You will receive an email and after confirming this you are eligible to receive the magazine on weekly basis.

Now, why are you waiting just visit here to the subscriber. Subscribe ($30 Per Year).

How To Cancel Time Magazine Subscription?

Time Magazine offers different topics like the economy, politics, business and the world’s news. While subscribing the magazine in fact you are joining a world. It creates awareness about the world and updates to you about different topics like business or economy etc.

Furthermore, while subscribing the Time Magazine maybe you have subscribed via 3rd party so the subscription process is so simple but the cancellation of the subscription is so difficult. Because first of all, they will search the party who have subscribed to you with the family of Time Magazine.

However, a little fault of our is here, when we did not read the terms and condition of any agreement while subscribing this. So it’s better to read the terms and conditions which are available on their official website and also available on the agreement which you will sign online or via 3rd party.

However, whatever the issue now would you like to cancel the Time Magazine subscription? Then they need the below information for process your case of cancellation.

Information Need

  • Account No. need with account’s information
  • Your personal data
  • Need internet access
Cancellation Method
  1. First of all, collect the personal information like the Credit Card number which is linked with the subscription, the mailing address, an account number of the magazine. Furthermore, these details can be findable on the above side of magazine’s address label.
  2. Now the sign needs online just visit here: Customer Service Portal via account number, email, and zip code and log in to your time magazine’s account. However, if you are a digital subscriber then no need to collect these details just insert the email ID and password.
  3. Now just fill the asked information and submit the request for cancellation.
  4. Lastly, you will get a receipt via email or you can also take a screenshot of cancellation for your personal record. Because human mistake occurs anywhere.
Bonus Tip

While cancellation if you are facing any difficulty. Then they will help you at any time just visit the customer service area or call at 1-866-550-6934. Listen carefully and follow the instruction and you will connect with the agent. Now you can tell him about your problem and also request him to cancel the subscription of the magazine. He/ She will ask the information like your account number etc. and ask the reason of cancellation after it he/ she will process the request online. While cancellation you are not a customer you are an advocate. So ask the question which is helpful for you and asks for the receipt. However, if you are a subscriber via 3rd party then you can also cancel your subscription via this site: Cancel Online.

Contact Details of Time Magazine

The contact details like address and numbers of Time Magazine is mentioned here: Contact Details.

Lastly, you have read about the Time Magazine the definitive guide and we hope it will help you while subscribing the time magazine or cancellation it. However, if you want to change the address or another type of activity then you need to login to your account from here: Login. If you like this then don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Good Luck!

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