Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips For Those Who Can’t Understand

Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips Which Really Work

Let’s start to read the award-winning top 10 blogger SEO tips which really work for the newly published website. You know thousands of new publisher of websites consume a lot of money for getting a click on the ads and they think this is the most useful way to earning.

Would you like to give a little concentration on Search Engine OptimizationNot interested then continue your reading for top 10 blogger SEO tips.

But they are wasting the money and also doing spam methods for earning money. By the way, the top 10 blogger SEO tips which are sharing here are really workable for those who have published new site. So don’t miss out the guide which will give you a higher ranking on the major search engine. Let’s going to the next section of top 10 blogger SEO tips.

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The top 10 blogger SEO tips which are sharing here created after a big practical experiment and also applied on the client’s website. After application, we got higher ranking on the first page of the search engine. So we hope you will get worthy tips on your website also.  By the way, if you need our help then you can also contact us via call or email. You can visit our Contact Us page for more guideline.

Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips 100% Work For Newly Site

Now the turn to read in depth the top 10 blogger SEO tips which really attract the concentration of the visitor and increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your website. You know if you want to earn online then these 10 tips will make this easy for you. But if you are not interested to follow these top 10 Blogger SEO tips for earning then we cannot say something. Then all depends on you.

Now, are you interested then let’s read the top 10 blogger SEO tips which work really amazing for any newly published site or for those who are worried due to SEO.

#1 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Search For the Keyword

It’s the wastage of time to rank your blog on those keywords which are not valuable for the people. Even you got the higher ranking on the Google but no one clicks on your website. Furthermore, you know Google calculate the number, how many times your website is ignored by the visitor. After it, change the search results and show other websites on the front of visitor’s eyes.

So you need to invest your energy in finding the best keywords for your post. Because it will change your visitors to the permanent customer. By the way, for this purpose, you need to focus on different free software or online websites which are available on the web. By the way, you can search for the long tail keywords via longtail keywords via Uber Suggest, LSI Graph.

#2 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Competitors Work

That’s really true that search engine analyzes all links which are linked to your website for ranking. If you can know that, how many links contain your competitor’s website then it will be a good step toward the search engine optimization. By the way, it’s not difficult to discover the competitors linked sites. You need to know the competitor’s work which is listed below:

  1. Check rank of the competitor.
  2. Now let’s check the quantity and the quality of links which are linked.
  3. Check the title which is used in the H1.
  4. Links percentage for the specific keywords which are used in the text.
  5. Moreover, check the Moz Rank of the linked pages.

#3 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Write Clickable Content

The article is not a sexy girl which will attract people toward him. So you need to create a quality content which attracts the concentration of the people. After it, get higher ranking on the Google also. You can create quality content by creating clickable H1 and the first paragraph which compelled the visitor to continue reading and complete this. By the way, you can read some tips which can attract the concentration of people.

  1. Content must be quality and consist of sections and subsections.
  2. Content which is writing from your end must be original because everyone hates with a duplicate.
  3. Insert infographics, references, videos, and images.
  4. A great thing you need to do, just compliment the person who can share your content with others.
  5. You need to add promotion or coupon to the article.
  6. By the way, How To’s is the best way to getting a link from other websites.
  7. Don’t forget to answer the question which asked from different channels. Because via answering you are increasing your subscribers.
  8. Share it on social media channels.

#4 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Meta Tags & Title

Titles and Meta Tags which are used for posts or pages must be different from each other. Meta tags are the details of your article or page which tell to the search engine the content what about it? By the way, Google also told that now I am not giving too much importance to use Meta Keywords tag. But you need to use meta Description tag for every page or post because it is the requirement of the Google.

Homepage Title Optimization

You have read different theories about the Title of the Homepage. By the way, Google show first 66 characters including spaces. So while creating the title of Homepage don’t create more than 66 characters including space. Let’s search the sites like Amazon & eBay on the Google and read about the Homepage title what they have used? You know these are most popular on the web.

Homepage Description Optimization

The same practice will apply here. Here you need to keep active your mind don’t use spammy keywords in your homepage description. Just write the description in which you have described clearly what the website about it?

By the way, you can take an example of best homepage description from eBay or Amazon. Just search on the Google and read from SERP’s.

Subpages Meta Tags & Titles in Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips

Now just take a break and after some moments read about the click-through rate which is known as CTR and bounce rate. While your searching you got search results from the search engine. The show up which appear in front of your eyes called impression. Now when you will select a title then it will be called click.

All major search engines record impression and the click number to check which is clicked mostly by the visitors. After it, also record the pattern for your friends so they can also click on the listing. After it, search engine work for the majority and when the normal combination of people click on the listing then you get high CTR and higher ranking.

If your website is healthier from the Google search results then it will be called Bounce and selection of different listing reduce the value of CTR and it obviously gives you the higher ranking.

Now if you want to make your listing most attractable and clickable then you need to make quality content which compels the user to don’t left the site.

More Read About Subpages Meta Tags & Titles in Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips

If you follow this SEO tip then you can make your site un-breakable. By the way, the CTR value is playing a vital role in the higher ranking. CTR value is telling about your website, what the Google think about your website and you can attract visitor by adding the Call to Action button etc. Moreover, you need to add Keyword in the description for this purpose.

Let’s read about the examples which can make your title clickable and attractive:

<title>Title with Keyword which grab the attention (only 66 characters)</title>

<meta name=”description” content=”Maximum words allowed here only 160 with keyword and attractive description regarding the post” />

No need to use keywords because Google ignore this tag and he also announced. If you need evidence then you can read the #4 step where I have mentioned the link.

#5 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Heading & Sub Headings Tag Optimization

You have read in the high school or college about the way to write an essay on the given outline. These outlines designed to write the best page, title or paragraph etc. In the online worlds, we follow the W3C’S guidelines for the creation of best web page.

While writing a novel, book or an article the headings plays a vital role. You can add only 1 H1 tag while producing an article. By the way, you have the option to use H2-H6 as you like. You need to set the below font size for the headings.

H1 font size: 18px;

H2 font size: 16px;

H2 font size: 14px;

When you will add only headings in the paragraph then it will be silly. So it’s better to fill it with paragraphs, ordered list & unordered list, images, infographic and other content which can make your content attractable. Try to create more than 400 words post.

#6 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Title & ALT Tag

Via title attribute, you are telling the search engine and to the user a detailed information. However, it’s also the W3C’s standard to use these tags so the browser and the search engine can read these and understand it. By the way, the syntax is showing below here:

<a href=”” title=”Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips”>SEO Software</a>

The purpose of ALT tag is same as the title tag but it defines the search engine for the image. Here you can read the ALT attribute syntax.

<img src=”” alt=”Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips”>

#7 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Media Optimization

If possible you should save the images, media, and infographics with the same targeted keyword. Just try to understand with an example. For example, if you are writing a post on top 10 blogger SEO tips then you need to save images, media, and infographics with top 10 blogger SEO tips, top 10 blogger SEO tips-1 etc.

Moreover, that’s not exactly what? But it works for us we have examined also. After it, due to this way you can also get visits from the Google images.

The thing which is important that is the file name and you know most of the people search on the Google via “inurl:” So you need to add your keyword to the title also.

#8 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Tell About Index & No-Index

If you are thinking that Google and other major search engines are indexing the duplicate content till then it’s wrong. Google and other search engines have gipped on the no-index to duplicate content. By the way, we have not seen duplicate content still but we have checked that the files which are hidden are coming on the front of the public eyes.

Let’s Optimize robots.txt File

Every website root directory contains a robots.txt file which tells the search engine what to index? and what to ignore? So it’s better to don’t hide anything from the search engine but still, if you are interesting then let’s read more. Just open this file via a text editor. If you are using WordPress then you don’t need to set it out. But if you are using another then type the below text.

User-agent: *

Lastly, you will save the file with a robots.txt name. Now upload it again to the root directory if you have downloaded this. In this file, you are giving permission to the search engine that please visit my site and pick the data for ranking.

Moreover, read the Matt Cutts’ video for understanding in depth about the robots.txt.

Duplicate Content Redirection

For consistency, you need to use the one version only of your page. So your page and all links which relate to your site rank by the search engine. It will tell the all search engine to only index the version which is with www or without it. For this purpose, you will edit the .htaccess file to make 301 redirect permanently.

Moreover, the canonical URL is also an important work which is suggesting by the search engines to do for every URL which has created on their website. The Canonical URL syntax is hereunder:

<link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

Lastly, you should be finalized all and set up to all domain that redirects to your pointed domain. While creating redirect always create 301 permanent redirects.

#9 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Sitemap Discussion

If you are thinking that it’s difficult to get ranking on the Google then you are thinking incorrect because Google’s intention is to provide the quality content to their visitors. The Google ensure that the visitors get the relevancy which is searching for me. For this purpose, they have created a tool so the data can pick up immediately the program name is Google Sitemaps. By the using this tool you can publish your whole site on Google and get detail information from this.

#10 Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips: Checklists & Validators

Lastly, there are many ways to validate the accuracy of the source code which is using for your website. But we have felt that you need to optimize the HTML, CSS, unavailable images and broken links.

Analyzation starts to find out the links which is unavailable on your website is the top 10 blogger SEO tips. So you can validate the broken links via W3C’s tool.

Now just optimize the HTML an CSS via W3C’s HTML validation Tool and CSS Validation Tool. Finally, in the top 10 blogger SEO tips, you will improve SEO via free tools like MOZ or Semrush. If you are earning a lot of money from your blog then you need to consume not a lot of money but a bit part. By the way, a free tool Website Grader also helps to improve the website.

At the end, you have read the top 10 blogger SEO tips which help to improve your site’s ranking on the major search engines. If you like this then don’t forget to share this article with your friends and on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Now your turn to apply these top 10 blogger SEO tips on your website and get higher ranking on the Google. Read about the education scope: The Secret Of Free Article Directory Submission Sites List.

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