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Today we will talk about Google AMP plugin for WordPress (Accelerated Mobile Pages). When a site develops or designs that many factors are considering like HTML, PHP, javascript etc. Due to coding site speed be slow. And search engine demotes these type of sites. Therefore we need a plugin which accelerates site pages and post. Then we use Google AMP plugin, CDNS, cache plugin to make faster site speed. If site quickly loads then search engine also rank higher. Nowadays if a site is not responsive then search engine throw out from indexing. Like that search engine now and in future boost those sites which contain Accelerated pages.

Due to technology, people don’t have time to access the web through PC. So they search out from their cell phone. Every cell phone develop with the latest technology. Mostly people access sites from their cell phone rather than laptop or Pc.

SEO expert also advises about site speed. If you can grip on it then ranking on Google is not difficult. And if you success to rank on Google then other automatically rank.

Now just see:

What Is Google AMP Project & Google AMP Plugin

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Now a small discussion on what is Google AMP project? AMP acronym of Accelerated Mobile Pages. The ambition of this project is that, make lightweight pages. So they can load quickly on a cell phone. This is an open source project which started by Google.

When you are using AMP version then your accelerated pages cache on Google servers. When someone tries to access these. They open immediately in just microseconds.

Is Google AMP Plugin Worth It?

Now the question is Google AMP worth it? Accelerated mobile pages is a way to compel search engine to rank. It also helps to popular a site. Like as if a site is slower. Then visitor visit only some pages after it when he/ she saw slow site then did not visit again. In fact, high graphics, ads, and coding slow down your site. And AMP projects rid of these things and make faster.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Supported By WordPress Plugins

Now a sight on accelerated mobile pages supported by WordPress plugins topic.

Google AMP Plugin

Google AMP plugin designed to accelerated posts only. The current version of this plugin is 0.4.2 running. Site owners can download from WordPress directory or dashboard. Active install of this plugin is 100,000. If you want to configure setting then there is no option but you can use support plugins like Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP etc. This is an open source project, therefore, more than 7400 developers have contributed to design this.

AMP Plugin

Pricing: Free

Salient Features

  • Create all posts AMP
  • Compatible with WordPress version above 4.4
  • Easy and safe to use

WP Amplifier

WP Amplifier is a great plugin to faster a site with AMP. Due to the installation of plugin traffic increase 2 times more than from current traffic. It auto fix difficulties after installation.

WP Amplifier

Pricing: Start from $49.99 to $199.99

Salient Features

  • It create branded Google AMP and compatible with all themes
  • Give control all over the plugin
  • Easily customizable like colors and logo etc.
  • 100% create Google AMP compliant

Glue For Yoast SEO & AMP

Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP plugin offers by Yoast SEO. It is not offering setting in depth just consist of basic. Working great with those who are using Yoast SEO plugin. It works as a glue between AMP and WordPress SEO.

Glue For Yoast SEO & AMP

Pricing: Free

Salient Features

  • Offer preview setting on all posts
  • Extra addition of CSS offer
  • Auto get codes from template

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages is a good plugin in free versions. The active install of this plugin is 60,000. It is a most effective to get a higher ranking.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Pricing: Free

Salient Features

  • Auto fix webmaster tools issues regarding Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Help to make site SEO friendly
  • No need to configure just install and active
  • Offer setting in depth

Custom AMP also support AMP. Due to not updation, we will not recommend. It did not update from +8 month. By the way above are great if you want to accelerate mobile pages.

How To Install AMP Plugins?

  • First, visit WordPress directory
  • Now install Google AMP plugin
  • Activate it
  • Now install supportive plugin like Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

Furthermore, after activation of Google AMP plugin just click on Glue for Yoast SEO setting or which you have installed. And insert custom logo of your site. First use AMP for pages and posts. After that, if you face errors on Google Webmaster tools then use only for posts. We hope it will work correctly and give traffic to your site. If you face any difficulty regarding AMP you can leave a comment or contact us through Social Media. Now enjoy Accelerated mobile pages. Don’t forget to read How To Setup CloudFlare Free CDN For A Website?

Lastly, you have read about Google AMP plugin for accelerating mobile pages. If you have other than an idea then don’t forget to submit your idea. Furthermore, some my ideas which are below listing can away to you from difficulties.

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