2017 Remarkable Social Media Sites Will Help You Really

Social media sites are not a new thing in our society. In fact, this is a way to connect with others for making a good relation and promote ideas with one another. Furthermore, Social Media sites are today the best way to publicize anything in an easy way. Therefore, I am sharing some platforms list which are popular nowadays.

After it, I hope you will like and share with your friends. Furthermore, these websites will be a great change for freelancer and businessman for sharing their thoughts and building audience.

Hidden Strategy to Create An Account On Social Media Sites

Now just see the hidden strategy to create an account on social media sites. However, if you are a blogger then you can increase website trafficFurthermore, by creating an account on these sites you will get traffic to your site.

Like as Facebook, this is a popular platform. The Alexa rank of these sites is 1 to 10 which is a great thing. The lower Alexa Rank is the symptom of huge traffic. Now just follow some simple steps for getting traffic to your blog.

Sign up for a new account.

Fill the form with correct details because wrong information will cause of block account after some days.

After it, increase your friends for sharing your ideas and making a good relation.

Read The List of Popular Social Media Sites 2017

Let’s we increase our talking toward the list of popular social media sites 2017.

What is Google Plus and Why Necessary?

Google Plus is a popular social media site for sharing ideas. Google+ started in 2011 just for testing purpose. Now, this is the big platform of the world. You can get a quality backlink from Google Plus. Furthermore, active users of this platform are 300 Million who want to make relationship for promoting their content. However, the Page Rank of this platform is 9 and Alexa Rank is 1.

Know Some About Tumblr…..

This is the type of microblogging which uses for sharing videos, images, audios, quotes and text posts. The active users of this platform are 420 Million and 217 Million blogs has been created yet. However, the Page Rank of this platform is 8 and Alexa Rank is 46. If you also want to create a microblog then Sign up.

Next Turn is YouTube…..

You know the expected earned revenue of 2016 is $5.6 Billion. This is a video base social media site and monthly 6 billion videos watched by the fans of YouTube. There are many other than YouTube but this is famous in the world and mobile friendly. You can place ads if you have Google AdSense approved account. Alexa Rank of YouTube is 9 and Alexa Rank is 2.

Now Know About Facebook….

Now the need to know about Facebook. This is the popular social media site and the biggest platform. However, more than 1 million businesses are advertising on this site. Furthermore, business companies have invested more than $100 for advertising per year. Lastly, Google Page Rank of Facebook is 9 and Alexa Rank is 3. Now Sign up and get traffic from this platform.

Oh! Twitter nice one naa….

Twitter enchant their fans due to tweet. However, I think you don’t know more than 81 percent revenue generated from the mobile. Lastly, $200,000 estimated cost consume for advertising purpose of 24 hours. The Alexa rank of this platform is 8 and page rank is 10. If you want to Sign up then why are you waiting?

What About Linkedin?

Linkedin is a platform for professionals. If you want to build relation with your colleagues then sign up for Linkedin. Furthermore, this is the best and biggest platform of the professional. Page Rank of this platform is 9 and Alexa Rank is 15. Now Linkedin has more than 32 Million professionals and in every two seconds, two new members attract to join this.

Pinterest A Way To Share Images….

Pinterest also a popular social media site which is growing immediately on the web. This is a images base website. Like if you like any image then Sign up and add it to your profile. Now when someone like it then he/ she will add in their own profile. The Google Page Rank is 9 and Alexa Rank is 32. There are 70 Million users in which 80 percent are females and 20 percent are males. Furthermore, more than 9 million people join this via Facebook.

Instagram A Way To Share Pictures….

If you are a marketer then you better know the importance of Instagram. This is the best way to share visual stories. Furthermore, more than 300 million active users are here and 75 million online on daily basis. The Google Page Rank of this platform is 9 and Alexa Rank is 16.

Flickr What?….

This is a platform on which you can upload videos and images. Flickr is a service which is offering by Yahoo. It has free and paid both plans in the free plan they are offering limited memory. However, 3.5 million images have uploaded on this. The Page Rank of this platform is 9 and Alexa rank is 200.

Reddit What about this site?….

Reddit is a social networking site which uses for submitting text post and direct link. This site has designed for entertainment purpose but mostly bloggers have joined this. Reddit has 174 Million daily unique visits. Google page rank of this channel is 8 and Alexa rank is 25.

Some Bonus Sites For Marketing

vk VK

Google Page Rank 9     Alexa Rank 21

vine Vine

Google Page Rank 7     Alexa Rank 1742

meetup Meet Up

Google Page Rank 7   Alexa Rank 516

classmates Classmates

Google Page Rank 6  Alexa Rank 4319


Google Page Rank 5  Alexa Rank 446



Google Page Rank 9  Alexa Rank 159



Google Page Rank 9  Alexa Rank 1346



Google Page Rank 7  Alexa Rank 1202



Google Page Rank 7  Alexa Rank 469



Google Page Rank 7  Alexa Rank 312



Google Page Rank 7  Alexa Rank 3199



Google Page Rank 8  Alexa Rank 4902


Google Page Rank 6  Alexa Rank 23736


Growth Hackers

Google Page Rank 0  Alexa Rank 21959



Google Page Rank 0  Alexa Rank 92


My Space

Google Page Rank 8  Alexa Rank 2140


Scoopt It

Google Page Rank 0  Alexa Rank 1820


Stumble Upon

Google Page Rank 8  Alexa Rank 560

This is the list of top social media sites. If you want to promote your product or blog the just join the above sites and share your ideas. You will get traffic in favor of your product without consuming money. I hope the above sites will help to those who want to increase their PR. Enjoy and share with others.

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