Top Ten Search Engines List For Decreasing Alexa Rank

World's Top Ten Search Engines List

Would you like to know top ten search engines list of the world? There is not only Google and Bing is available other than also available which are not so famous. They also have millions of queries per day like Google and Bing.

It’s a surprise gift for those who want to search alternatives. The Google is not only the big search engine of the world. There are the list of top ten search engines which are available for search if you want to make a change of your searches.

World’s Top Ten Search Engines List

1. Google

Google no need of introduction because this is the biggest search engine of the world. Furthermore, according to the comscore report, the search percentage of Google is 64.0% and 21.4% of Bing.

Google also the king of mobile/ tablet’s search engine with the percentage of 89%.

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2. Bing

Bing is the effort of Microsoft but they could not defeat the Google and fail to get a position which gets by the Google. However, the results of Bing is relevant with the Google.

3. Yahoo

Since October 2011 Yahoo is maintained by Bing. Yahoo has made his name in the market of best free email providers. According to the public reports Yahoo is in third place in the top ten search engines list.


The second name of is Ask Jeeves also. get approx. 3% of searches. format is like question/ answer base. Here you can find out question answer rise by other users and polls. The result of this search engine does not meet with Google and Bing’s result.

5. AOL is still counting in the top ten search engines list. According to the netmarketshare, the percentage share of this search engine is 0.6%. It contains popular sites like, and much more.

6. Baidu

Baidu has started their business in 2000 and nowadays it is the top ten search engine of China. Now the shares are increasing steadily. Baidu get billions of queries per month by Wikipedia. The Alexa Rank is 4 of this search engine.

7. Wolframalpha

This is a quite different from other search engines. Wolframalpha contains computational knowledge which gives us data and facts. The plus point of this search engine is that if you enter “mortgage 2000” then it will auto calculate the amount of loan, paid interest etc.

8. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo also available for your help. There are many benefits of this search engine also. The results of this search engine consist of only 1 page and no ads are visible. You can easily visit the search websites without any hurdle of publicity.

9. Internet Archive

In fact, has the 2nd name of internet archive. If you want to know the website how to look in 1996 then it will help you. If you want to trace a website’s data like starting date and changes from starting to till. Then the search engine helps you to find that.

10. is the 8th big search engine of the world. The ranking position in the US is 297. It looks like the Here a person can ask and answer the questions. On this search engine, you can evaluate by a quiz which is the best. Like if you search on this “which is the best top ten search engine?” Then it will reply Google and the second one is Yahoo.

Lastly, these are the World’s top ten search engines list which is available on the internet. You will get thousands of results by other website but the Google and Bing are the biggest search engine and it will.

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