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Why My Track A Car With Cell Phone Is Better Than Yours

Now read tip how to track a car with cell phone? If you are worried about your vehicle then don’t upset. Today I will tell you a method in which you track a car with cell phone, which will give notification about your vehicle. Many companies are offering trackers and services about vehicle tracking. But they charge huge amount from their client. So today I am sharing with you lowest expense method of tracking. If you want to take this then follow below steps.

Features Of This Phone Who Track A Car

First of all, read about the features of this phone who track a car for you in less expense.

Motorolla Phone


You need some things to track a car with cell phone, which are as given under:-

  1. A Prepaid or Postpaid number.
  2. Need an Instamaper account. Just visit the below link.
  3. 12 V Car adaptor.

These are items you need to track a car with cell phone. Now just read about the cost to track a car with cell phone here as under:

The Cost To Track A Car

Now we see what is the cost of to track a car with cell phone. Furthermore, I will tell you the expense of above method. If you see the simple expense of this phone is only $30.

Insta Maper

Method To Track A Car (How To Use?)

  1. Check your mobile phone is it GPS option?
  2. Now install software on your phone.
  3. If there is no option of GPS then purchase new mobile of Motorola.
  4. I will recommend you purchase Motorolla I290 this is only $30 cost. This is the cheapest set but the good quality phone. Many other phones also available in the market which keeps GPS system.

Set Up To Track A Car (Setting Method)


While set up to track a car don’t disconnect the internet. Because when it will off your mobile will not transmit data. So for this purpose the internet is necessary.

Now I will suggest keeping your phone mute. Because you are using this mobile for tracking not for listening phone calls.

Lastly, select mapping setup. Choose that mapping system which is free because try to save money. I will suggest to you use Insta Mapper

Because they are offering free services. So why are you waiting? visit the site and download tool. However, Accu Tracking also offering their services but they will charge $6 per month.

In your Motorolla cell phone i290, it will locate in Java Apps called GPS Tracker. Now find satellite icon. After it enter id which you have gotten from Insta Mapper account and hit save. Lastly, the cell phone will ask about it and hit yes to give him permission. It will change from locating to Tracking. You will see the location of your vehicle on Insta Mapper.

Furthermore, if you want to know 24/7 tracking connect your phone with car’s battery. If you cannot do that then contact with a professional installer.

How To Connect To Track A Car?

Just see how to connect to track a car with cell phone.

  1. First of all, pick up the car charger which is also showing in the below image. This is not difficult to purchase you can purchase it from your nearest market.

Car Charger

  1. Now connect with car wiring using the 12v accessory outlet. Keep in mind when you will park your car for a long time it will drain the car’s battery so consult with a professional about that.
  2. Voila, the adapter will on your phone whenever any person steals your vehicle.
  3. Lastly, is the step to hide this phone. You can hide your phone in the Glove Box of your car. Because it’s a safe location regarding this purpose.

I hope the above method has liked by you. In which, you have learned how to track a car with cell phone. If you are paying a payment for tracking your vehicle. Then get rid of this and follow the above method.

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