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Trademark Define Legal Standpoint (Brand, Logo, Company Protection)

Trademark Definition In Business

While doing a business many of us; don’t know about the Trademark definition and they get it simple and not to fear. But after the passage of time they know the meaning of Trademark and then they could not do anything. So today we will tell you about the Trademark definition in the legal standpoint.

Trademark Definition In Business

In fact, Trademark is a Word, Sign, Logo or Symbol, for they apply to your organization which can be service provider or manufacturer. It can be a slogan or a brand name of your company which you want to protect from fraud persons.

Mostly, the trademark picture is that it can be a sign or the design of the product. Additionally, the example of a trademark is (Coca-cola, Glaveno Hair Regrowing Spray, Pantene etc.). In fact, trademark deal as a current asset in the language of accounts. The big benefit of a trademark is that no one can copy your brand, your name or slogan for their local or international level.

However, if a person copied the product or name which is registered then what will be done by the institution? In this case, you are safe and you no need to worry about it. Because you are legally owned and you will submit an application with the number which has issued to you against your product or name. The relevant organization will take action against him and ban his product with a penalty of an amount.

After passing the 10 years you are liable to pay the amount of renewal the product’s registered. If you will not pay the amount after the 10 years. Then in case of copy your product you can lose your rights. So it’s sensitive issue while trademarking the product and after completion of the procedure.

Some Basics Of Trademark Registration

While registration of the product or name from Trademark authority it’s very necessary to search the relevant word which you have chosen for your brand. Because you cannot register any product for your business which is already registered in the name of another party.  So it’s better to search the name from the relevant authority by providing the name with the logo or product pictures.

While providing the name and pictures they will verify:

  1. The name or product which you have chosen for trademark registration is available for this purpose. Additionally, if another party already has registered this name or the given name or brand name is similar to another party. Then you cannot register this for yourself. The relevant organization will suggest changing the brand name or product.
  2. While trademark the product it must be unique and don’t similar to other brands which already registered with the said authority in the law of the country. After it, must show clearly your product, a little similarity can go to the side of disapproval.
  3. The trademark must be descriptive like as the Apple company refers to the apple inc. now you cannot register trademark Apple for the business of Apples.
  4. Lastly, the word or product which you have chosen for registration must be not banned or not meet those criteria which are prohibited by the law of the country. However, every company has made a website for this purpose and you can see the class of your product by downloading the PDF file from their official website.

Furthermore About Registration

Additionally, trademark law follows the rules of national level and every country has different law for their nationality. You cannot register a product worldwide. So if you want to sell in the USA then you will liable to register from the United State of America. The USA has no concern if your product has registered in Canada and England.

Furthermore, Trademark is a sensitive step while doing a business so it’s better to hire a professional person. Because you need a consultant who can guide you about the national laws. If you want to run a successful business.

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