Twitter Permanently Ban TO Blogger

Twitter Inc. has taken a step to ban permanently Blogger Milo Yainnopoulos on abusive content. Twitter ban under the abusive content policy. The editor told to Breitbart that he destroy the account of Leslie Jones on the basis of racist with comment by taking her movie “Ghostbusters”.

Blogger Milo Yiannopoulos Ban On Abusive Content

Among Ms. Jones and Mr. Yiannopoulos tweets wrote a negative review about “Ghostbusters”. We know to ban on a permanent basis like Blogger Milo it’s very surprise thing because a high profile banned is unusual. High profile who was suspended in the past, he knows for this demagogic manners. The earlier year he also uncovered by Twitter for his verification process.

Ms. Jones Twitter Bans Permanently TO Ban Blogger Milo Yiannopoulos On Abusive ContentIn an email which sent on Wednesday by Mr. Yiannopoulos told that he did not know about his tweet that it will count as harassment and play a negative role among users in sending Ms. Jones unbearable and racist content. Did I say anything barely literate? And the Barely Literate is an invulnerable claim that Twitter raises. He also added that I never want to increase bad politics or I did not want anything wrong about her movie.

Ms. Jones the black actress in “Ghostbusters” and the actress “Saturday Night Live” said she quit Twitter after received racial abuse from thousands of users. Before quit, he also shared some abusive content with others. Abusive content also removed by Twitter after banned to Mr. Yiannopoulos. Social bookmarking sites offer to us, share your content with thousands of users but don’t take in vulnerable manners. You may also like Who Was Responsible About The Break Up Of Katrina Kaif?

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