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Update WordPress Theme Without Losing Content

Here we will talk about how to update WordPress theme without losing content. We know WordPress is the best blogging platform. But the problem is that the software does not contain every feature which we need. So for fulfilling the lack of some specific feature which is not included you use plugins or premium themes. Now just more discussion about how to update WordPress theme without losing content?

Reason Of Update Themes And Plugins (First Step: Update WordPress Theme Without Losing Content)

The first step of update WordPress theme without losing content. While the purpose of an update to fix bugs. So when we update the plugin or theme. Some extra features also include or exclude for users benefits. Because errors occur with the passage of time. So developers remove these errors and update the version of their product. After it, we rid of the errors. However, it’s essential that up to date all plugins and theme by security point of view.

However, if you don’t satisfy with the new product. Then you can downgrade plugin or WordPress with the help of plugins.

How To Know About The Available Updates? (Second Step: Update WordPress Theme Without Losing Content)

Now the question arise how to know about the available updates? While updating theme or plugin you need to save your current site. Just read the complete article to know update WordPress theme without losing content. When any update like WordPress, plugin or theme available. Then you get a notification on your WP dashboard.

When you log in your admin panel. Then you see like above shown image about available updates.

Update WordPress Without FTP

You can update WordPress without FTP. Since version 2.7, you can update WordPress from your admin area. No need to go in CPanel. But before update just takes backup of your content (a tip to update WordPress theme without losing content). When an update available for WordPress a notification will also show on your dashboard. By clicking on this you can update. You can also see the method in the below image.

Auto Update WordPress

If you want to use auto update feature of WP. Then you can use a line in your wp-config file. After addition of the code WP auto update. The auto update features introduced in the 3.7 version. Just copy the below code and paste in your wp-config file.

define('WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', true);

Automatic Update Disable

Now when an update available your WordPress CMS will update automatically. But if you want to disable auto update. Then you can paste the below code in your wp-config.php. After it, auto update feature will not work.


By the way, you can also disable this feature by placing the below code in your function.php file.

add_filter('automatic_updater_disabled', '__return_true');

You can also disable automatic updates by placing the below code in your function.php file.

// Disable automatic minor updates
add_filter('allow_minor_auto_core_updates', '__return_false');

Automatic Update Enable For Some Features

If you want to enable major updates in WordPress CMS. Just copy the below code and paste this filter in function.php.

// Enable automatic major updates
add_filter('allow_major_auto_core_updates', '__return_true');

// Enable development updates
add_filter('allow_dev_auto_core_updates', '__return_true');
Plugins Update Automatically And Manually

Now just see how you can update theme and plugins? You can update plugin or themes while login your WP dashboard.

  • Just click on Plugin » Installed Plugin
  • Now here you will get update notice under plugin. Just click on it and wait for some minutes. Your plugin will update

However, you can disable auto updates notification of plugins by placing the below code in your theme’s function.php.


By the way, auto update is not enabled by default. So if you want to enable auto update plugin then just copy the code and paste in your theme’s function.php.

// Enable automatic updates for plugins
add_filter('auto_update_plugin', '__return_true');
Theme Update Automatically And Manually

While login your admin area, you will get a notification on your dashboard. Often we add filters in our function.php file. So before updating just open function.php file and copy data which you have inserted by your own end. Now paste this separate file. If you make changes in your CSS file. Then access your theme folder and copy the style which you have changed in style.css. You can see the method to access function.php on the end of this article. Don’t forget to copy meta tags from header.php. If you have placed other than the SEO plugin.

Now just update your theme by the below method:

  • Click on Appearance » Theme
  • Here just click on update button
  • If you are using premium version then you can update by going to the options of the themes

For auto update, theme just place the below code in function.php

// Enable automatic updates for themes
add_filter('auto_update_theme', '__return_true');

Update WordPress Theme Using FTP (Last Step: Update WordPress Theme Without Losing Content )

Now the turn to see how to update WordPress theme using FTP? Before doing an update just copy the additional filters, styles or meta tags from the function.php, style.css and header.php. You can access these files from your theme folder. And you can see the method by clicking on access function.php.

  • First Download FileZilla
  • After it login your FileZilla account

Filezilla interface

  • After login just click on public_html folder

  • Now open this folder and click on wp-content folder

FileZilla wp-content folder

  • Now just click on themes folder and open it

FileZilla theme folder

  • After opening this folder. Just drag the updated theme which you have downloaded
  • Now remove old theme folder
  • Just open the files and paste the copied data which you have copied from the function.php, style.css and header.php
  • Now check your website

Lastly, this was the method to update WordPress theme without losing content. But if you face any difficulty regarding how to update WordPress theme without losing content? Then you can leave a comment in the comment section or contact us.

If you like this then don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow our blog for latest updates. Furthermore, read below articles if you want to know more about WordPress content management system.

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