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Use Someone Wifi Without Password – How To?

Use Someone Wifi Without Password

How to use some Wifi without Password?  Because nowadays, the most frequently searched keyword on the website how to use someone Wifi without password? However, here we are giving an answer to this question. We are trying to upload the method with screenshots so you can understand easily.  

Hopefully you will like this:

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However, here I’ll tell you how you can use someone Wifi without password on your Android machine. Now the trend to use Wifi on your laptop or computer has gone. Now the android cell phone is your computer and laptop, you can access anything and anywhere.

Moreover, if you want to use someone Wifi without passwordjust for learning then it’s good but if you want to take an illegal step forlong term use then it’s not a good step.

Let’s Find To Use Someone Wifi Without Password

While doing anything in this way, you need to root your android machine. Furthermore, your Android machine must contain Broadcom, Bcm4330 orBcm4329 wireless chipset. Moreover, Cyanogen ROM also a best option to use someone Wifi without password. By the way, if you don’t have the idea about the chipset then here we have given some name of the cell phones:

  • Desire HD
  • Samsung Galaxy Y
  • Samsung Galaxy S1-S7
  • Nexus 1
  • Nexus 7

If your cell phone is rooted then you will get like this. However, if your cell phone is not rooted then you need to root first. However, if you have no idea how to make a root device? Then you can search on Global Blurb how to root a device and you will get an answer with the help of screenshot.

Turn To Download & Install BCMON

First, enable Monitor Mode on Broadband chipset forsearching the Wireless pin. Just visit here:

After the installation of the app in your cell phone. If you have disable the option to install app from untrusted sources then go to the settings and enable this option.

After the successful installation just enable the monitor mode and if you are not getting enable the monitor mode. Then your phone not support this app.

1| Start Work On BCMON Terminal

In this part you will put some command like Dos. It will open Dos or Linux. So copy the bellow command and paste here:


Hit enter.

Now the application Airdump will open and you need to go back on main terminal. So type the below command:

airodump-ng wlan0

Hit enter.

2| Choose The Router To Use Wifi Without Password

You have reached at your second step and soon you are goingto complete this. It’s the WEP encryption mode. Here you will find MAC addressand write down these ones on any paper.


It’s the list of routers and you will select one of them for the next process.

3| Start To Scan Now

Now let’s type the below command for using Wifi without Password.

command airodump-ng -c channel# –bssid MAC address -w output ath0

Just press the enter button.

Airodump start to work. Just plug in your cell phone for charging and leave for scanning. Just leave it to scan 30K to 40K packets.

aircrak-ng output*.cap

It’s the time to hit enter.

4| Copy Hexadecimal Password

Furthermore, here you will find the password, use that password which has100% probability. Because lesser probability will not work. The key looks like77:03:17:24:10. Now here you need to remove colon which is looking between 2numbers. The remaining data is the password of the Wifi.

WPA2/ WPS Method To Use Wifi Without Password

Here you also need rooted device with wireless chipsetBroadcom BCM4330/ BCM4329. So just install the below given app by visiting playstore.

Let’s  start to install an app by visiting the below link:

Lastly, just install the app and your work will start. The app will help you to scan routers which are neared to you. After the finalization of the scanning, you will select the router.

[Note: Sometime app ask to Monitor Mode just for the verification purpose]

You will verify this by check “Automatic Advanced Setting” also looking in the below screenshot.


The screenshot will help you for making automatic advanced settings. 

The last step is to start a process, you will click on the Start to Attack button and the work will start. Moreover, if you are searching via WPA2/ WPS then it’s not an easy. Because it will take hours or a day.

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