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How To Verify mod rewrite Enabled Or Not On Server?

Verify mod rewrite Enabled Or Not On Server

Verify mod rewrite Enabled Or Not On Server: Here I am sharing mod rewrite enable tutorial so you can do Linux Enable mod rewrite after reading this. If you want IP Canonicalization for better ranking on SE. Then you must verify first apache rewrite rule enable and paste a code of IP Canonicalization in your .htaccess file. I hope you will easily understand this post which has written about mod rewrite. In future when you want to enable mod rewrite. Then I hope you can enable it easily without support from any article.

Verify mod rewrite Enabled Or Not On Server

mod_rewrite Enable Apache

1. First Login to the CPanel account.

CPanel Login 2. Now create a new file with the name of mod_rewrite.php.

Create mod_rewrite.php file 3. Add this code into the newly created the file.

<?php echo "Mod_rewrite is activated!"; ?>

4. Now the turn to rename the old .htaccess file to “.htaccess_original” and create a new file like shown below.

Create new .htaccess file 5. Now add this code in the new .htaccess file which you have created now.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^.*$ mod_rewrite.php

Place code in .htaccess file 6. Now visit your site you will see a message “Mod_rewrite is activated!. Also shown in below picture.

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