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Video Games Effect On Health – Reality To Know

Video Games Effect On Health - Reality To Know

Let’s Read The Video Games Effect On Health – Reality To Know: The bad reputation of gamers and gaming has not got the best rep. In fact, it has an awful one. Many see gaming as involving a fairly negative culture that is relatively closed off and vulgar; especially in relation to its views on women. Likewise, people often see the practice of playing video games as being; either not particularly healthy (i.e. gamers are thought to be couch potatoes), or anti-intellectual and pointless.

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This is so ingrained in the popular consciousness that activists within the gaming community are seeking to change this perception. However, this perception has recently begun to change, as scientists have uncovered more and more evidence; that gaming can have a positive influence on your intellectual development and on your health. So, what is the evidence? Let’s read the video games effect on health the reality which you need to know.

Video Games Effect On Health – Reality To Know

Now just read the video games effect on health is gaming good for you? Many recent studies have shown that gaming can improve your cognitive health in a variety of way. To quote a few examples, it can strengthen the areas of your brain; that are responsible for spatial awareness, working memory; and long-term planning and problem-solving. Likewise, it has been shown to allow patients to more swiftly recover from trauma and surgical procedures.

Men’s Health About Video Games Effect On Health

According to Men’s Health, gaming can have a positive impact on your brain in many ways, though some moderation is needed (listen up, compulsive gamer!). Three areas of your brain – the parietal lobe, the frontal lobe and the anterior cingulate; that is responsible for attention and allow you to more effectively multitask are strengthened by gaming. As well as this, different games also have different effects on your cognitive health, so you need a varied gaming diet. Platform games, for example, can improve your memory and spatial skills, while games like Tetris can help with cravings, for example, if you are on a diet.

Psychology Today Said About Video Games Effect On Health

There is also a lot of evidence that gaming improves attention, for example, spatial attention, with studies showing that gaming allows people to become more practiced at locating a target amidst distractions. Another study, which involved actions games, showed that gaming can reduce impulsiveness, shown through the way in which gamers could refrain from responding to stimuli in a fast-paced simulation.

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Gaming has also shown to improve and maintain eye health. For example, research has shown that playing video games for fifty hours spread over a ten-week period improved the ability of participants to discern subtle differences in color and shade. Likewise, gaming has shown to be effective in treating the condition known as lazy eye, otherwise known as Amblyopia, without the need for surgery.

There is also evidence that gaming can reduce depression and other mental health conditions. For example, one journal published a study that suggested that those who suffered from mental health conditions were able to gain a cathartic effect from playing video games, which to many gamers will be no surprise. Likewise, games, to put it simply, allowed them to take their minds off their troubles.

Video Games Effect On Health – Chronic Illness

Video games also effectively use in therapy for chronic illnesses. One study that conducted by the University of Utah showed that children who had illnesses such as autism, depression and Parkinson’s show signs of improved resilience against their disease as a result of playing video games. The researchers believed that this was the result of the games impacting upon the neural circuits responsible for positive emotions.

As well as this, gaming can help improve countless other things such as;

  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Executive function
  • Work performance
  • Performance of those with learning difficulties
  • Sociability

Unbelievably enough, this is not an exhaustive list, but just a few of many examples!

So, though much of the above scarcely seems believable, it has supported by extensive empirical evidence and backed up by a huge number of peer-reviewed studies. Gaming, despite its bad rep, can actually be profoundly effective in improving your health in a multitude of ways, and can also have multiple possible applications for healthcare professionals and the medical industry.

One of the most promising applications is directly related to the demographic changes experienced in most western societies. In modern society, with its aging population, it is amazing news that studies have also shown that gaming can prevent and reduce the cognitive decline that accompanies aging. As well as improvements in general cognitive function in the elderly, gaming also helped them to feel better about themselves and improved their general quality of life. This could revolutionize the way in which professionals treat the elderly, and fundamentally change the tools that they utilize.

Physical Benefits Of Video Games Effect On Health

Most of the benefits of gaming we have discussed thus far have been cognitive. However, gaming may even have some physical benefits. For example, the relatively recent craze in games that you can physically engage with, examples being Wii Fit and other such titles, shows this.

In fact, games like this can improve your physical health and your fitness, and surgeons even use these kinds of games to practice performing operations; and this has shown to improve their performance. Exergaming (you can probably guess what this means) is also something; that can benefit your health, especially as this kind of game is becoming increasingly immersive. For example, dance games have obvious physical benefits, and can also help to improve your health in other ways. They also don’t discriminate, as those of any age and level can play.

Outcome Video Games Effect On Health

Thus, it is clear that gaming can have a positive effect on your health in a multitude of ways. Though many of the benefits are cognitive, these are not the only benefits to gaming; with other positives including improved eye health, and the physical benefits; that can be the result of more immersive and physical games. In some ways, it seems that gaming can, amazingly, actually reduce many groups reliance on the medical profession; and can do so in a way that is fun. The only question left is which game you are going to play first!

Video Games Effect On Health – Infographic

To find out even more about the health benefits of gaming, see the infographic below from our friends at Computer Planet. In the end, you have read the video games effect on health. If you like this then don’t forget to share this on the social media and rate this article.

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