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View PHP Settings – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to view PHP settings of a website? In fact, PHP is an extended language which you can also use for different purpose. Like if you want to increase PHP memory. Then you can increase by insertion of a simple line in your php.ini file. So it’s compulsory to view PHP settings of a website. After it, if you want to make some changes then you can change.

So now we will create a PHP info page and call this to view PHP settings of a website.

Check PHP Memory Limit WordPress (View PHP Settings)

Now if you want to check PHP memory limit WordPress site. Then do some simple steps for view PHP settings of your WordPress site.

  • First login CPanel.
  • Open File Manager.

File Manager CPanel

  • Now search for the directory on which you are doing working. Like as if we want to see the setting of our main domain. Then we will search public_html folder.
  • From the menu just create a new file having the name of “phpinfo.php”.

Create New File in File Manager

  • After creation of the file, it will add auto in the list of files.
  • Now just trace the file and edit it.
  • Enter the below line in this file and save this.
<? phpinfo(); ?>
  • Now you can view PHP settings of the website by visiting
  • The page will open like below shown.

view php settings

  • Now just press CTRL+F and find out the term which you want to see.
  • Like if we want to see memory_limit. Then we will find this and we will reach here like shown below.


  • Like that, you can check php modules etc.

This was the method to view PHP settings of a website online. Keep in mind PHP file has many setting which is better to confidential. So when you get information which you want. After that, remove this file which you have created in the CPanel. But if you don’t want to remove this file. Then don’t give a common name like phpinfo because bots are searching for names. You can give a name which is random, not common.

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