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Most Burning Questions About Website Traffic Checker Tool

Read here the best website traffic checker tool. Website traffic analytics is a necessary thing to track site traffic for making the future decision about the site. Therefore, there are many best website traffic checker tools are available on the web. If you see website traffic checker then every tool has some unique feature. Due to this it’s popular and uses by different bloggers. So I will not suggest using more than 2 tools for website traffic checker. Because this will not better for your site performance. Read here Best Google AdSense PluginFurthermore, you will able to read Google Analytics VS AWStats also.

So here you will get website traffic checker tool here under:

Website Traffic Checker Tool here under:

Furthermore, let’s see to read about website traffic checker tool for determining the site’s traffic.

Is Google Analytics Is A Best Website Traffic Checker Tool?

Now just see the first tool which is Google Analytics. This is a great free tool and most popular in the world. Because it’s a powerful tool for website traffic checker with great free features.

Website Traffic Checker Tool


Now the turn to read the features of Google Analytics like as under:

  • API Collection
  • Tag management
  • APIs configuration
  • Import data
  • Custom variable option
  • User access control option
  • Manipulation and filtering
  • Mobile app report
  • Realtime report
  • User flow report

These are some features of Google Analytics which I have written as above. By the way, due to the usage of this tool, you can know about traffic source, browser and bounce rate etc. After it, you can improve your site for ranking of Google. By the usage of Google Analytics, you can know the user time which he/ she spent on your site. Read also WordPress Plugins For SEO Optimization.

I think GoingUp Will The Best Website Traffic Checker Tool For Me

GoingUp is another website traffic checker tool. Which is offering SEO tools and website checker tool. It is offering all solution in one place. Just create an account and get benefit from this tool. It’s the best website traffic checker tool. Which compare every page of a site and after that tell you the comparison report. By the usage of this tool, you can know where visitor go and from where they come?

Website Traffic Checker Tool


Now the next, step to read about GoingUp features.

  • Keywords report
  • Custom profile creation
  • Keyword research
  • Page rank checker
  • Alexa Ranking checker
  • Pages optimization

One website is free but if you want to track multiple sites. Then you need to upgrade to pro version.

Now What Will you Say About StatCounter?

Now just see about StatCounter, is it really the best Website Traffic Checker Tool? StatCounter is a fabulous website traffic checker tool. Which is offering free measuring traffic up to 2,50,000 visitors per month. After that, you must upgrade to pro account.

Website Traffic Checker Tool


After GoingUp just sees StatCounter features:

  • Counter
  • Visitor activity report
  • Heat maps report
  • Search engine compare
  • Site stats show to public
  • Site stats mail after a week

Now Just Read About AWStats A Great Website Traffic Checker Tool or not?

AWStats is an open source website traffic checker tool. If you want to know site stats of all websites which are hosted on one server. Then just submit here and it will give a report of all site.

Website Traffic Checker Tool


  • Report time spent by visitor
  • Bandwidth usage report
  • Bots visits report
  • Protect site from attacks
  • Track keyword
  • Bookmark tracking result

Piwik A Website Traffic Checker Tool

Piwik is an open source self-hosted website traffic checker tool. Due to the self-hosted, all stats save on their own server. So you don’t need to worry about it that your site data will place on third party server. Here you have the option to keep private all information. Features of Piwik and Google Analytics are same.

Website Traffic Checker Tool


  • Group creation of different visitor (It create group of visitors so you can understand better need of every person)
  • Details of browser and platforms
  • Real-time page views
  • Behavior track

Piwik has paid option also for big companies.

Open Web Analytics (Will it work as best Website Traffic Checker Tool)

Open Web Analytics is an open source analytic tool. The major benefit of this tool is that. It removes third party access to get your site data. In this tool, you can use WordPress plugin or integrate PHP API.

Website Traffic Checker Tool


  • Multiple sites tracking report
  • Single user behavior report
  • Clicks report
  • Repeat visits report
  • User track by email address
  • Track page by categories
  • Comments tracking by visitors

iPerceptions (Great or ?)

iPerceptions is an advanced level tool. Which are easily customizable with Google Analytics. The tool give you the answer of who are they and why they visit? What is the performance of your site?

Website Traffic Checker Tool

When a visitor come to the site the tool gets an answer of these questions. Here you can get analytics in depth from Google Analytics. It’s a paid tool but you can integrate with Google Analytics free.

JetPack (Will it better for Website Traffic Checker Tool?)

JetPack is a free plugin which is offering by The active install of this plugin is more than 1 Million. Here you can get site tracking report on your WordPress dashboard.

Website Traffic Checker Tool


  • Site traffic analytics
  • Popular pages and posts
  • Keyword tracking
  • Click by visitors report
  • User location
  • How to increase site traffic recommendation

JetPack is not only a website traffic checker tool. If you want to know some extra features of JetPack here as an extra tip:

JetPack Extra Features
  • Social sharing
  • Social Button placement
  • Contact Form insertion
  • Post by email
  • Free image CDN with Photon
  • Snowfall
  • Relate posts suggestion
  • Comment using famous social media
  • Like button
  • User subscription feature
  • Gravatar hovercard
  • Site verification from major Search Engine
  • Site’s security feature
  • Short link

Now if you want to get benefit then just install and activate it.


Lastly, in the above section, you have read website traffic checker tool. If you see above tools all has different features. But Google Analytics is a popular and easily integrate-able. So if you want to advance level report. Then Open Web Analytics is the best way. Because the unique feature of this tool is that it is not the third party hosted tool.

However, before using any type of plugin or tool just keep in mind that site’s security is most important. So first try to prefer this and after it integrates tool or plugin. While using WordPress website you can install WordFence Security Plugin. So read the best setting of WordFence Security. Because this is a free WordPress plugin and offer free advance level security.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner then Google Analytics is a better channel. Because this is free and easily understandable. So before integrating with your site just copy the code and place after opening tag <body>. If you are a user of WordPress then JetPack also help you. Do you like to know the best Backlink checker tool.

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