Website Verification From Bing – With Screenshots

Website Verification From Bing In Easy Steps

Let’s Read Website Verification From Bing In Easy Steps: How To Verify Ownership Of Your Website? If you want to verify ownership of your website then this is not a bad idea. Here we are going to tell the method of site verification on Bing. Bing search engine consider as major search engines list. Bing Webmaster tools help your site to crawl on Yahoo, AOL, and Bing. If you want to increase your website traffic then just add your site to Bing and Google. We hope this answer will help you of question which frequently searches on the web, how to website verification from Bing?

Basically, Bing Webmaster tools and Google webmaster tool are offering SEO services but Yahoo webmaster tools are not available in the online world. You don’t need to submit URL to Yahoo because it will pick from Bing. Don’t forget to read How To Verify Your Site From Google? So let’s read the way to website verification from Bing via Screenshots.

Website Verification From Bing via Screenshots

For website verification from Bing, you need to follow us.

1| Create Outlook Email Account

Just create an email account of Outlook or if you have then sign in.


2| Enter Your Site’s URL

Now the turn to add a site to Bing Webmaster tools. Just enter your website with or without www and hit the add button.


3| No Need But If You Want While Website Verification From Bing

Now enter Site URL and sitemap URL of your site. If you are using Yoast SEO then see here How To Create Sitemap For Website? You can choose crawl control. This is optional. Hit on add button.


4| Verify The Site

Now the turn to verify your website.


I| Upload XML File To The Root Directory

The first step is site verification via Bing webmaster tools by uploading XML file.

Download XML File and upload to your root directory.

i| Open CPanel Account/ Root Directory

Now just open the root directory if you are on CPanel then see here the way.

File Manager CPanel

If this is your public HTML folder then good otherwise from your left side open HTML folder and upload the downloaded file. Hit verify button you will get a successful message of verification.

II| Verify Site Via Meta Tags

Now let’s see the second way to website verification from Bing via meta tags.

i| Place Meta Tags in Header Tag

Now copy meta tag and place in your header tag. You can access your header tag by accessing Appearance » Editor. On 3rd or 2nd line of your header.php, you will find <head> tag just place meta tag after this tag. Hit verify button on Webmaster tools.

The third step can harm your site. So we will suggest you don’t use this method. Maybe due to the usage of this option, you lost your site for some time.

Submit Your Site With And Without Bing Webmaster Tools

You can submit the URL of any website directly without any email account. But if you want Bing regularly crawl your website then you must need to create an account of Bing then it will auto collect your site’s sitemap. If you want to submit your website without the email id.


After successful submission of a site, you will receive a notification as shown below.


If you want to get benefits from Bing Webmaster Tools then create an account of Bing and verify your mobile number. Just sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools if you already have then just sign in Bing Webmaster tools. You can use Outlook, Microsoft and MSN account for this purpose. After login Bing Webmaster tools and “Add a site”. After addition of website, you need to verify site ownership via Bing.

Bing is offering three methods to verify your site.

  • By an XML file.
  • By meta tags.
  • Add CNAME record

The easy way to site verification via Bing using meta tag. Just copy the meta tag which is shown in your Bing Webmaster tools dashboard. Bing Webmaster tools offer SEO reports, Analyzer, Markup validator etc. You can also see the below images shown for better understanding.





You need to paste meta code in your header.php. If you know how to access header.php then good otherwise click the below link. This was the method of submitting URL to Bing and site verification from Bing webmaster tools.

Lastly, you have read the way to website verification from Bing. If you like this then don’t forget to like our article via giving your feedback.

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