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Tutorial: 2 What Is Hosting? How To Choose Best Hosting?

Tutorial: 2 What Is Hosting? How To Choose Best Hosting?

Tutorial: 2 What Is Hosting? How To Choose Best Hosting: We have covered our Lesson in which we have discussed how to earn money? In lesson # 1 we have told about domain purchasing with pictures. Today we will cover lesson about hosting definition. In hosting, we find a computer which is linked 24 hours with the Internet.

A speedy computer which can easily accessible from anywhere on the globe. When we talk about computer then we also know every computer consist of different specification. When a company invents the new computer then he introduces a new technology. Like few years before we listen to P1, P2, P3, and P4. In these type, P4 is good computer and having a different spec.

Like a hard drive, processor etc. Nowadays SSD hard has introduced and a microprocessor. So when we purchase a new technology then obviously it will expensive from previous technology. It was the bit introduction now let’s move toward the topic about what is hosting and how to choose the best hosting?

Tutorial: 2 What Is Hosting? How To Choose Best Hosting?

Now first we purchase a domain and after that purchase hosting from any company like Hostgator or blue host. Now we will purchase plan. How to purchase website hosting? Purchase hosting contains some simple steps I will tell you using Hostgator. Just follow some simple below steps:

First, visit Inmotionhosting website and choose a plan which you want. I will suggest you choose Launch program it is good for a new blogger or business website. And they are offering SSD drives in all offers. Just follow me.


After Inmotionhosting website hosting select program click on order now button. Maybe you will see this article after 2 years then company change their policy and packages but in 2016 packages will be same. Now select your desired package like 24 months or 36 months. If you are new then no need to add extra upgrading offer. Because on the new site, there is no traffic so no need these upgradations.


Now if you want to purchase domain then depend on you otherwise choose the second option.


Now its depend on you if you want to choose an offer.


Just fill the form and choose MaxSpeed option as your target location. Insert your card information and hit enter.

What Is Hosting & How Many Types?

There are there major types of Hosting. Which is categorized as under:

  • Shared Hosting (Lowest Rates)
  • VPS Hosting (Low Rates)
  • Dedicated Server (Well but costly)

In shared hosting on 1 server, more than 100 sites have hosted. When all sites are hosted on 1 server then obviously all sites are using 1 IP address.

In VPS Hosting limited sites like they give space to every site owner. Like If a server consists of 40 Gb hard drive and 256 MB Ram. Then they will give 10 Gb hard and 200 MB ram to one person and remain to another. In VPS amount charges according to RAM and Hard space.

While dedicated Server, the whole server hired by one owner. In which company giving him hard drive and ram etc. Now depend on this person how many sites host on this server. This is a simple definition.

After that cluster servers hosting type also. But our topic will expand so its major types are important to share.

How To Choose WordPress Hosting?

When you are choosing website hosting then try to prefer these service providers who offer these:

  • UP time 99.99%
  • Bandwidth Unmetered
  • Disk Space minimum 50 GB

These are three important things to choose the best website hosting. If you are already using these things then your web hosting provider is offering good service. Hosting is the main factor in SEO. When your hosting will be good then search engine rank your site otherwise, he will throw on 100 page. So choose the best website hosting. I have described Server hosting definition above.

What is hosting a website mean? What is hosting and why is necessary? Hosting meaning and why compulsory? Without hosting can we online our site? Many questions arise in our mind and we know every question have an answer.  Because if you could not understand the basis of this you will not understand this topic. Hosting is like a computer.

More About Hosting With Details

If you want to see documents from your computer then obviously you will open where you place these. Like as when we want to run our site we will place our site on the computer which is connected to the internet and due to the internet we can access this anywhere in the world, keep in mind we can access this site through the internet so the internet is a compulsion to access your site.

This is called hosting. See if you have a computer and you make an HTML page now when you want to see this you can see easily but when you want to open when you are at your friend’s house then it’s impossible why? Because there is no networking and your computer is not linked to the internet.

So when we want to show our any product around the world we will host on that computer which is linked to the internet. If you could not understand then you can contact us privately we will try to understand more description. You can contact on You may also like Which Type Of Platform/ CMS Is Best? Don’t forget to read Lesson # 1 How To Earn Money Online From Home? For Lesson # 3 How To Add DNS In GoDaddy? With Picture

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