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What Is Poverty & What Is Terrorism?

Why Terrorism Cover Whole The World?

What is Poverty & What Is Terrorism: When any violence occurred at anywhere then an issue is hidden on the back. If we see facts about terrorism then some I am discussing here. If we see the report of terrorist attack around worldwide then these are 32,658. The increased percentage is 80% from 2013. If you see the report of terrorist attacks in 2000 then there were 3,329. Terrorism target in five countries is in huge quantity like if you see Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, and Syria. By the way, terrorism increase on daily basis. If you see the report of terrorist attacks from 2013 to 2014 then in 2013 is 59 and in 2014 is 67. I have tried to understand by writing a short essay on terrorism. I hope you understand, don’t forget to contribute.

What Is Poverty & What Is Terrorism?

Poverty: What is meant by poverty? When life spent on the lowest rate of income called poverty. Poverty increase when the government not take solid steps and has not provided basic requirements of life to the people of society with full zeal and zest. When a special group of the society maintain a monopoly on the welfare and enjoy all benefits of life than a typical group of the society can’t lead their life with basic requirements of life. Here injustice rises up and creates poverty towards the people whom rights are usurped. What Is Terrorism And Why Propagate?

Why Terrorism Cover Whole The World?

Then poverty increase and people dislike the policies of the government, dislike the laws and dislike everything off the democratic government which takes the people in trouble. Due to increasing the ratio of poverty bundle of problems come out and special group of society also hesitates to invest or expand the amount to increase the basic liabilities of the typical group of society. Due to this injustice people gone towards the unfair means and started robbery, murder, terrorism and other dislike habits which are hurdles in progressive steps of the economy and country.

Poverty and injustice are the main issues which can destroy country or economy and useless the generation. The lawmakers and politician require set a system in which each member of society can get equal benefits of life.

Otherwise, no one cannot stop the disaster of the economy and country. It is the responsibility of the government that it should provide relief to the poor people so that they can also enjoy the basic necessities of life. The government can provide employment to unemployed people of society. The court can provide justice to each member of society. So that each man of society lead their life with no fear and uncertainty. If we have to save this world then we should control poverty how to eliminate terrorism? Don’t forget to share on Facebook.

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