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What Is Terrorism And Why Propagate?

What Is Terrorism And Why Propagate?

If you see terrorist attacks in US 2016 numbers then you note more than 10 terrorist attacks occurred. The terrorist attack on a church in France is latest which grow religious terrorism. If we discuss on what is terrorism? Then the answer to this question is there when any organization or person start violence in the name of religion then it makes terrorism. UK terrorism act 2000 is as defined: Violence for proceeding any political or religious ideology is terrorism. If you see a type of terrorism then you see 4 major types of terrorism like as under:

The Types Of Terrorism

  1. Shooting
  2. Bomb Blast
  3. Mass murder
  4. Blast in which terrorist also dead (Khudkush Attack)

Shooting defines as to kill any person in the name of religion or other is called shooting.

Boom blast defines as to kill big quantity in the name of religion with a bomb on any rush place is called bomb blast.

Mass murder defines as to murder in the name of religion.

A blast of terrorist in which he also exploits is the most dangerous type of terrorism. Pakistan and other countries also facing this issue. But now they have been controlling at the big level. I have tried to terrorism defined don’t forget to contribute. Some causes of terrorism also defined below.

What Is Terrorism And Why Propagate?

We have many questions in our mind but, in reality, we do not try to solve this and also, we do not want to solve this, therefore we are facing this issue. There are many reasons for this issue and every reason link with any compulsion. Please understand this example: You are a businessman and you are on holiday, why are you on holiday? Why you want a loss in your business? Because your holiday gives to your loss in your business. So have you any answer of above question? Yes, you have.

So have you any answer of above question? Yes, you have. You could not go to your office because you are ill and due to this you did not go to your office and this is a reason for your holiday. Now come on the topic, why terrorist play with their life, not rather our life, they play their family lives also. Every question has an answer. In this world, no question created which have no answer. Now I am discussing this topic and their big reason so please read and try to understand and try to next so every person give their duty with honesty. Thanks for your kind visit. You may also like how to eliminate this? Don’t forget to share on the Facebook.

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