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Which Is The Best Among WordPress vs Blogger?

Frequently the question asking by beginners when blogger and WordPress are free then why you use a self-hosted blog? So in this article, we will do a brief discussion on which is the best among WordPress vs Blogger? We will share all WordPress vs Blogger cons and pros. After we will leave the decision on you.

Note: The comparison among WordPress.org vs blogger, not WordPress.com. Can you see a difference between WordPress.com And Org?

  1. Rights

Blogger is a free service which is offering by Google. It is providing free services, you can publish and update with easy steps. It is best for those people who want to write articles, not for a woo commerce site. Google has right to shut down or remove any blog any time because he is the owner of this service.

While using WordPress you have to right whenever you want to shut down it without the other decision. You have full control and rights to your content of the site of WordPress. If you are interested in starting a blog then see here: How to start your own website free?

  1. Control


Blogger is a great free blogging platform with limited options. Which give you authority to use it. Google can remove any time without asking. It is limited version and you don’t have the option to spread it.

And if you see WordPress, it is open source software which gives you permission to use unlimited tools with full rights. If you want to add a new feature then you can add it and also submit your invent on the forum if people like this then your website popularity will rank with you. It is offering thousands of plugins in free and some paid version also available. Would you like to read How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform?

If you are worried about it for your business website and you have decided to start on Blogger then it will wrong decision. For a business website, WordPress.org is a great tool to spread it around the globe. So know decide which is better WordPress or Blogger?

  1. Appearance


Blogger is not offering an extend options for change blogger appearance. You cannot do modification in depth. You can upload Blogger templates from other websites but these are not high quality.

In WordPress, it has millions of themes on the internet. Which one is offered by WordPress are free themes but which is upload on other than WordPress site these are premium themes. Premium themes start from $20 to best themes $70. Premium themes and free are high quality and easily modifiable.

  1. Switching


Switching site from Blogger to different is a difficult way. After switching you will destroy your SEO ranking. Your subscribers and followers will also finish. It gives permission to you for data exporting. But search engine keeps your all data for a long period.

By the way, the user of WordPress can move his website anywhere. You can move domain and host to another place with easy method. If you are seeing with the sight of SEO then WordPress is offering unlimited options for this purpose.

  1. Security


When you are on Blogger then you don’t need to worry regarding security. Because Google is a secure platform. It will take auto backup and secure every time.

WordPress is a self-hosted blogging platform. In which, you are responsible for security and backup. If your site has hacked then it will due to your lethargic. You can choose security plugin for security purpose.

  1. Support


Regarding support, Blogger has no option. You can submit any query on Google product forum.

WordPress have a big forum for support purpose. You can submit your query to the forum. Where you can get an answer in a day. A big benefit is that a million websites update articles on daily basis regarding WordPress sites issues.

  1. Future


Blogger update their interface in November 2016 if you see this is a long period update. Whenever Google want to shut down their services and they have shut down many platforms. Feed burner is also providing by Google but they did not update yet.

WordPress update regularly. It is an open source software which is started by WordPress community. The future of this platform is bright because big companies of the world are depending on this software.

We hope you have understood the difference between Blogger and WordPress. Now, which will you prefer Blogger or WordPress for your personal blog? Now you can easily take a decision by reading cons and pros.

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