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Which Is The Best Between Medium Vs WordPress?

In this article, we will discuss which is the best between Medium Vs WordPress? Often a question asked by beginners that why expert prefer WordPress, not Blogger, Ghost or Tumblr? Medium is a big blogging platform which gives permission to users that create an account and share stories. Now just see a comparison between Medium vs. WordPress with cons and pros of all blogging platforms.

Note: Here we are explaining the difference between Medium and, not Can you read the difference between and Org?

Best Between Medium Vs WordPress

Let’s read in details about best between Medium Vs WordPress:

  1. Ownership

Best between Medium Vs WordPress: Medium is a community of users where you can share your ideas. Medium is easily understandable and contains social media features to share articles on it. By the way, Medium cannot ownable because it is not offering this feature. This is going on under “Medium Corporation”. So, therefore, they have rights to shut down anytime without intimation or permission, remove your stories or announce new plans.

If you see then here you have full rights to your content. In which your all data has saved in your own hands. So in which you don’t need your content.

  1. Growing Your Personal Brand

Which Is The Best Between Medium vs. WordPress (Growing Your Personal Brand)

You just join Medium to grow your personal brand with the help of your ideas. It’s free in which you don’t need to pay for publishing your stories on it. On this platform no person prefer your name if your ideas are really great then every user read it. Medium is a platform which shows ideas of other authors under your story and your stories under the other author’s story.

In you have full rights to your content. You have full authority to promote your brand on your platform. When your site gets popular than your brand more popular with your website. After that, all depend on you how to maximize your brand popularity? In short wording, you have full rights on your blogging platform.

  1. Layouts


Best between Medium Vs WordPress: In Medium you are freed to change color, header, logo, and images. You can also change layouts. Easy to use with different options. You have many options free but you don’t have right to change theme or layout of your interface.

If you see another side then are offering millions free and premium themes. Themes of designed by professional web designers and developers all are SEO friendly and Google AdSense ads optimizable. is easily understandable and you can create it unique.

Otherwise, you can hire us for design a professional site.

  1. Move From Other


Best between Medium Vs WordPress: Medium is offering the export content option. You can export in HTML format. This gives you freedom of export but not for WordPress or another blogging platform. You cannot export like and comments of other authors. Setup 301 redirects from Medium to other blogging platform is not possible. If you are a user of the custom domain on Medium then you can create redirect manually. is an open source blogging platform which gives you freedom to do anything with your blog. You can import and export all data with different WordPress plugins. You have also an option to create a backup with the help of WordPress plugin and restore on another host. We have also written an article about how to migrate a WordPress site with pictures?

  1. Support Opportunity


The medium has the opportunity to offer free support. You can submit a ticket and Medium support team will response depending on the tickets ques. Till support is free but they have right to change their policy from free to premium.

On the other hand, has a community where you are able to submit your issue and community user will response your query. This is an open source software community.

You have also more channels if you have failed to get help from WordPress community and that is Stack Exchange, Git Hub, Quora etc. Just sign in your account and submit proper question not spamming. Experts will response your question.

Global Blurb is a platform for beginners where you can also see the difficulty of any problem and submit your issue. Our team will help you in free of cost. Just fill the contact us form and submit it. We also update videos regarding issues of WordPress.

  1. Security


Medium is a secure blogging platform so you don’t need to take tension about your content. Your all content saved on secure servers of Medium Corporation. All users’ data has saved under the surveillance of Medium servers. is a self-hosted blogging platform. In which, you are answerable for your site security. If any security issue occurs then update immediately. You can also use best security plugin for your blog.

You can use Wordfence security plugin this is the best solution regarding the security of a site. Sucuri also offering a solution for hacking sites.

  1. Future


Medium is a blogging platform which is running under Medium Corporation. It is limited options for publishing. So we don’t have an idea it will continue their free service or shut down like other platforms.

By the way, is a community of millions and this is an open source software in which new developers contribute on daily basis. It has legal freed if all core developers leave this project even then it will not shut down.

It is 13 years old and now it is a big Content Management System of the world. Don’t forget to read how to start your own website free?

We hope the above article has helped you to know the difference between Medium vs. WordPress. If you like the above article then don’t forget to follow us on Google+ and Twitter and Facebook. If you are a user of Google AdSense then don’t forget to read how can you maximize your revenue by clicking on this link how to use Google AdSense ads on a website?

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