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So What? The Best Between WordPress Vs Ghost

Best Between WordPress Vs Ghost

Today we will discuss which is the best between WordPress vs Ghost? Often a beginner confuses when they want to start a blog or business website. Because in the market there are many blogging platforms but it’s difficult to understand which is the best? Now we will compare both platforms for choosing best for the upcoming blog or site. Here we show some positive points and weak points of every platform. After that choice depend on you.

Note: We are talking here about, not You can see here a comparison between and org.

Comparison Of User Interface (WordPress Vs Ghost)

Comparison of user interfaces of and Ghost. The dashboard of Ghost is simple and easily understandable. After sign in your account, you see recent publications. After installation of Ghost demo content already available. In which only 3 things shows like Menu, New Post, and Setting. Due to this you can write easily and publish.

Ghost Interface

WordPress dashboard is more powerful with extra features like the Quick draft, WordPress news etc. By seeing on left pane you get posts, pages, comments etc. By only one click you can access.

WordPress Dashboard

But if you see Ghost then this is simple and clean. Which is easily understandable for beginners. WordPress offers more options with competing of Ghost so, therefore, bit difficult.

Now see who is the winner? Obviously Ghost.

SEO Factor (Site Speed) 

Now we discuss according to SEO factors like site speed. Ghost’s site speeds better if you test on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google Page Insight

On the other hand, WordPress speed is not better. But we can improve with the help of cache plugins like W3 Total Cache Plugin or WP Fastest Cache Plugin. WordPress speed without cache plugin or CDN cannot be better. So it’s must to use a technique to make better.

WordPress Google Page Speed Insight

Who is the winner? Both.

Community (WordPress Vs Ghost)

Ghost is popular but not like WordPress. There is no option to get help from forums if you are facing an issue. Some guides are available which are not in depth.

However, WordPress has a proactive user’s community. If you are facing a difficulty then simply submit your topic to forums like Affiliate Links, support or Quora. First, if you are getting an error regarding plugin then submit it to support forum and the author must reply. And regarding software, you can also submit it to support forums. A community member will reply to solve the issue.

Now, who is the winner? WordPress.

Appearance (WordPress Vs Ghost)

There are not the too difference between layouts of WordPress and Ghost. Easy, simple and attractive. But if you see WordPress then it contains an excessive quantity of themes. You can use free and premium themes. Free available in directory and Premium can purchase from different sites like Themeforest, Colorlib or Themify etc. By the way, premium themes have support option and drag and drop builder.

WordPress Site Customize

By the way Ghost with limited options of themes. It offers code savvy for customization but if you don’t know then difficult.

After all WordPress again a winner of this feature.

Flexibility (WordPress Vs Ghost)

If you see WordPress then it is an open source software which developed by more than 7400 developers. If you want to alteration in your site or blog then you have the option to use a plugin. You can create a professional site in free on staying WordPress. Because of more than 45000 plugins available on WordPress. Often plugin is offering services free some are premium which is not available in WordPress directory like SEO Pressor etc. On the other side Ghost, themes and apps are limited opposed to WordPress. You can create a good blog on Ghost but no other type of site. Don’t forget to read WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal (Which Is The Best)

After that, WordPress is a winner.


Ghost is a great way to start a blog but WordPress offers to create any type of site. It contains unlimited options while Ghost has limited templates and apps.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the difference of Ghost and WordPress. If you face any difficulty you can leave a comment in comment section.

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