How I Improved My White Hat SEO Techniques In One Day

How I Improved My White Hat SEO Techniques In One Day

In this article, we will discuss white hat SEO techniques for site ranking. The post will tell you white hat SEO Case Study step by step. Let’s see White Hat SEO Case Study:

White Hat SEO Case Study is a way to rank a website higher on Google. Here in this section of White Hat SEO Case Study, you will able to learn:

  1. Use Long Tail Keyword
  2. Use Meta Description
  3. Social Media Sharing

The above is White Hat SEO Case Study which can give you a better ranking.

White Hat SEO Case Study (Long Tail Keywords Usage)

The first step of White Hat SEO Case Study is using long tail keywords usage. While writing a content, write quality content and you know which is quality content? Quality content is that in which use long tail keywords properly. After it, not copied and not rewritten content. While using long tail keywords don’t use in excessive quantity. Because it will count spammy so use 2 long tail keywords in 500 word’s post. You can also read about it by scrolling down.

This is the first step of White Hat SEO Case Study.

Bonus Tip! Don’t use Meta keywords tag because Google has changed the algorithm in which keywords tag are not used.

White Hat SEO Case Study (Using Meta Description Properly)

The second step of White Hat SEO Case Study is using Meta description properly.

White Hat SEO Case Study

Google shows Meta description in the search results. So don’t forget to use Title tag in the Meta description for better ranking on the Google.

White Hat SEO Case Study (Sharing On Social Media)

This is a bonus tip of White Hat SEO Case Study. Sharing on Social Media also suggesting by SEO expert. You have read about White Hat SEO Case study, however, the above methods are suggesting by Google. Google is a big search engine and well known in the world.

So if you follow the rules which advised by Google then no doubt you can get a higher ranking. But when you will oppose these rules then it will count Black Hat SEO and it penalizes your website. So when a major search engine stamp of penalty then the site also blacklist by other small search engines. Now just see some White Hat SEO Techniques:

White Hat SEO Techniques

Now you will learn some White Hat SEO Techniques which help to rank your client’s website. The section of White Hat SEO Techniques will tell you:

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO
  3. Attractive Title Tag
  4. Quality Backlinking
  5. Long Tail Keywords Finding Resources
  6. Using Images and Videos

White Hat SEO Techniques (On-Page SEO)

I will not complicate this article so I will try to tell you about On Page SEO with an example:

When you are doing internal linking then it is an example of On Page SEO. Due to internal linking, you are increasing page authority. Because of page authority increase domain authority and when it will grow then obviously it makes your site ranking higher on the Google.

White Hat SEO Techniques (Off Page SEO)

While doing off Page SEO if you are creating external backlinks then it will call off page SEO. There is no doubt Google prefer quality backlinks but first give preference to quality content. So before creating backlinks discover quality content and after it gives concentration to creating backlinks.

White Hat SEO Techniques (Attractive Title Tag)

Attractive title tag grabs the attention of the visitor and compels to click and read the article. So discover methods to create attractive title tag. The example of the attractive title tag is hereunder:

White Hat SEO Techniques (Attractive Title Tag)

These methods will improve Alexa Rank and increase your Page Rank. Search Engine Optimization is a very important factor for any website. If you don’t do SEO. Then it will difficult to say to get site traffic from search engine. Site traffic which we get from a search engine called Organic traffic.

Quality Backlinking Using Wikipedia (White Hat SEO Techniques)

Another step of White Hat SEO Techniques is quality backlinking using Wikipedia. Furthermore, getting a backlink from Wikipedia is a big panic but not impossible. When Wikipedia find any broken link then it does not remove this link. Wikipedia just adds a footnote “dead link” on the end of a link. In fact, he is giving permission to the editor to check the link and after it removes this link if find dead.


No doubt White Hat….

Quality Backlink…..


Now just read how to?

First,  you need to search by the below string in Google. [keyword] + “dead link”

If you want to search about “investing” keyword then just replace this with [keyword].

google-search-resultsNow find “dead link” by pressing simultaneously CTRL + F.


After pressing enter button [dead link] will highlight.


Bonus Tip! Wikipedia makes easy to search dead link because he has a list of dead links which is accessible easily.


Done! When you complete this task. Now repair these dead links. The first check is it working? If not then change your backlink. However, you are getting a nofollow quality backlink. You can discover dofollow backlinks by following some simple steps:

How To Get PR9 High-Quality Backlink For Your Site?

Now see here how to get a PR9 high-quality backlink for your website? Google count as major search engine around the globe. If you success to rank your website on Google then your website will also show on other search engines. A quality backlink plays a big role in site ranking. If you create a quality backlink from DA 80 or more than. Then obviously it can give you a higher ranking.

  1. By commenting on good Page authority sites
  2. Publishing guest post
  3. Link submission strategy
  4. From social media
  5. Searching broken link and request to remove
  6. From business directories
  7. By bookmarking your site link

The above strategy can give you quality backlinks. Don’t post your comment on those sites or articles which are not familiar with your website. Social bookmarking sites are a good way but don’t submit your link to low-level sites. Just publish your article to guest post directories like Ezine, Sooper Article etc.

You can get quality backlink from Facebook and here you can read how to get a dofollow link from Facebook? If you want to read Social Bookmarking sites list. Just search expired or moved websites and search for linked sites by using Moz Explorer or other tools.  After that intimate to those site’s owners about this broken link. Mention your link and request to add on their page.

White Hat SEO Technique To Find Long Tail Keywords?

A long tail keyword is a most important thing in SEO. So it’s better to use 2 in 500 words post. But the question arises how to find long tail keywords? You can discover from:

  1. Reddit
  2. LSI keywords
  3. Google SE
  4. Bing SE
  5. Google Keyword Planner
  6. A+ Link

Now just see how to get long tail keywords from Reddit? Visit the site and type your keyword, it will suggest some phrases, just use these.

Discover Long Tail Keywords By Using Reddit

The next step is that how to get LSI keywords? You can visit LSIGraph website for this purpose just type a keyword and it will suggest you long phrases. Use these for a suitable position in your article. You can visit the below website for this purpose.

LSIgraph for LSI keywords

Now see how you can get long tail keywords from Google. Just type your word and it will suggest some phrases. Also shown in below image.


The next option is Google ads and the bottom side of search results of Google.


The same way if you repeat on Bing or Yahoo then it will also suggest some longtail keywords.

You can use Google keyword planner for keywords.

Google Keyword Planner


Use A+ link from All Top which is also showing in the below image. A site having name All Top is the best way for A+ link. Go to this site and search which you want and click on a suitable category it will show hundreds blog now try to maintain your relationship with these blogs.

All Top



These are some White Hat SEO Techniques which I have shared with you. Try to update 2000 words article in a week. 500 words article every day. It will better rank your website.

Bonus Tip! How To Get Traffic To A Blog?

Now bonus tip for the readers of this article and that is how to get traffic to a blog? Just follow some below steps for getting traffic to your blog.

  • Update old articles
  • Share on social media

The first step is to update old articles. If you make some changes in your new articles then update. It will also help to increase your blog traffic or website traffic.

Update And Republish Your Old Posts (It will increase Your Traffic Also)

If you want to increase your traffic and show your article in organic search then try to add an article to existing post. It will also show your site in organic search. Try to add a new article to your old post. And maximize post words. When your post will more than 2000 your article obviously boost.

The next step is to share your post on social media sites. Use best SEO plugin and configure correctly. I will suggest All in One SEO plugin and WP Social SEO Booster.

Lastly, I hope you have liked White Hat SEO Techniques and White Hat SEO Case Study. If yes! then don’t forget to share with your friends. If you have any query regarding White Hat SEO Techniques or White Hat SEO Case study then leave a comment.

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