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Wix vs WordPress Comparison (Which Is The Best?)

Do you want to build a website? And face difficulty to choose blogging platform about Wix and WordPress which is the best? Then here we will show Wix vs WordPress comparison. There is only WordPress is not an option for start a website. Another option is Wix also with professional tools. So before starting your blog just see pros and cons of these platforms. We hope after reading complete article you will able to take a decision about it.

We have divided this tutorial about Wix vs WordPress comparison into 5 parts:

  • Cost comparison
  • Appearance
  • eCommerce
  • Easy to understandable

Before reading the first step of Wix vs WordPress comparison please note the comparison is not between and Wix. You can read our written article difference between self-hosted and org.

Wix vs WordPress Comparison (Costs and Price)

Now read about Wix vs WordPress comparison (Costs and Price). While choosing a platform for starting a website, cost plays a big role. Because every work depends on budget and you can start a professional site in the low budget also. Let’s see Wix first:


First, you don’t have the option to use a custom domain name. Your domain will show like “”. It is offering basic builder free.  The free plan is not offering features like analytics code placement, favicon or e-commerce etc. and if you want to rid of these limitations then they will say to upgrade your plan. Every premium plan consists of different options like storage, bandwidth etc. Prices start from $4.08 per month and image also attached here under:

Wix Plan

If you see in the above image then the best plan is $12.42 per month. Which consist of unlimited option and if you have thought to start e-commerce site then you can choose $16.17 per month plan. The above costs does not contain extra features amount which you need to use later.


WordPress is an open source software and providing free services in the world. Anyone can use this software in free of cost. In WordPress, you have a custom domain and hosting. There are many hosting providers are serving like Blue host, Site ground etc. You can read an article which is the best hosting?

All depend on your budget like Site ground is offering shared plan in $3.95 per month. You can move your site later on another plan. You can use free themes and paid themes to create a professional website. Free and paid plugins are also available on the web.


At the end, in Wix vs WordPress comparison WordPress defeat Wix by their plans and features because in which many free plans are available to minimize your budget. But on another hand, Wix have paid solution of every difficulty.

Ease of Use (Wix vs WordPress Comparison)

Every person doesn’t know coding and they need a platform where they are freed to create a professional site without it. So both platforms are coding free and you don’t need to consume time on learning.


You can create a page or post by drag and drop option. The interface is easy to understandable for beginners. You can add and rearrange items by drag and drop builder.

Wix Builder


In WordPress, you can use visual editor for article writing. Theme customization allows configuring theme. WordPress software does not have drag and drops builder by default. If you have interest then plugins are available for this purpose. For theme configuration, you have the idea about the menu, categories etc. However, there are many premium themes available who make theme customizing easy.



In this section of Wix vs WordPress comparison. Wix beat the WordPress because here you don’t need to learn about this. You can create a professional post or page by drag and drop builder. If you don’t have knowledge about WordPress then bit difficult to work with this.

Appearance (Wix vs WordPress Comparison)

Appearance is a big factor in a site so now see Wix vs WordPress comparison about it. Every owner wants to build a site which is SEO friendly and look good.


Wix has more than 500+ templates and you can choose which type of site you are starting. Like business, e-commerce, hobbies, arts and craft, personal etc. All sites are SEO friendly and develop in HTML5. You can customize the site with the help of built-in tools and rearrange as you wish.

Wix Templates

The disadvantage of this platform is that after selecting a theme you cannot change later. By the way, you can make a modification by using built-in tools but not move to another template.


Here you have the option to use thousands free and premium themes. You can move anytime to the new theme. Free themes have limited support and premium themes have extra features. You will pay only one time for a theme and after that able for lifetime support.

WordPress Themes

You have the option to purchase WordPress themes from Theme Forest, Theme Labs etc. Purchase theme according to your thought, which type of site you want to start like e-commerce or blog etc.

WordPress theme designer or developer easily available on the web. After installation, you can also make modification in your current theme.


At the end, in Wix vs WordPress comparison WordPress has a large option regarding themes. On the other hand limitation and limited themes are available for use.

Apps and Plugins (Wix vs WordPress Comparison)

Apps and plugins are 3rd party options which use to create the most attractive site. In Wix, these options/ software called apps and in WordPress called plugins.


Wix contains more than 200 apps for adding different extra features to your site like contact form and galleries etc. On lite version often apps are free but on other versions monthly payment require.


WordPress have more than 45000 plugins at this time which can easily access from WordPress plugin directory. Premium plugins are also available like Sucuri or Wordfence etc. Here you can also add subscription form, contact form, slider etc. by using a free or paid plugin.


Here if you see in Wix vs WordPress comparisonWordPress win this field because of here plenty of free plugins and premium available. On the other hand, only lite version contain free apps.

eCommerce (Wix vs WordPress Comparison)

The online store is another option which is important. Let’s see who are offering best:


Wix is offering an eCommerce option in paid plans. Free plan container cannot use this option. You can accept or send payment via Paypal and only.

Other party apps are available but they will demand monthly payment for this purpose.


WordPress have many free and paid plugins which you can use for the eCommerce purpose. You can use WordPress for any type of the online store. Plenty of themes designed for the eCommerce purpose is available.


At the end, in Wix vs WordPress comparison WordPress is a better way to start an online store. Because here you can freely make and accept payment.


Lastly, you have read about Wix vs WordPress comparison if you see then WordPress is better than from Wix for any type of site or blog. Because in the low budget you can online a professional site around the globe. If you have interest then see here how to start your own website?

We hope the article has helped you to choose the best blogging platform for your site or blog. If you really like this then don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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