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Woman Of United Kingdom Connected With Extremist Org

Woman Of United Kingdom Connected With Extremist Org

Woman Of United Kingdom Connected With Extremist Org: Today I will talk about the Woman of United Kingdom who connected with the extremist organization. A British Woman Connected With Dolate-e-Islamia Proved in the court. A British woman who is 26 years old and living in the United Kingdom. According to court, she connected with the extremist organization.

A British woman who went with their son in Sham, she found a member of the extremist organization. The British woman related with Birmingham whose name is Tarina Shakeel proved culprit. The British woman whose name is Tarina Shakeel also encouraged through twitter in terrorist activities. By the way, the British woman also has accepted that she went in Sham. After 2 weeks in Birmingham court, justices cancel their statement because she wants to live only due to Islamic rule.

Woman Of United Kingdom Connected With Extremist Org

The British woman Tarina Shakeel returned in 2015 from the influenced area of Dolat-e-Islamia. Justices also showed him her pictures, tweets, and messages in which the signs of Dolat-e-Islamia found and also demand by him to holding weapons.

The British Woman Tarina Shakeel went in Sham, 2014 where she posted pictures, in pictures the flag of Dolat-e-Islamia tied up on the head of her son. These pictures also showed a connection with this organization. The British woman told to court, that my son hate with Hat, therefore, he tied up the flag of Doalat-e-Islamia. Prosecutor of the British woman Tarina Shakeel also provide arguments by him; the prosecutor said that the British woman went to sham because she wanted to far away from an unhappy life of their family. Don’t forget to read How To Eliminate Terrorism Immediately?

The spokesperson of NSPCC said that it’s a very incredible that a mother wants to live with their son in a dangerous situation, due to this might they can lose their life. The British woman Tarina Shakeel return from Dolat-e-Islamia in 2015, January. Her prosecutor said that she is unhappy in Sham. She also said, “I made a mistake and I felt this, therefore, I came back”.

She said that she escape from the terrorist by a bus and she gave bribe to a taxi driver for crossing the border. On Monday 30/1/2016 Tarina Shakeel will get punish from the court.

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