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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About WordPress vs Weebly

Today we will talk about WordPress vs Weebly, which is the best for blogging platform? If you see WordPress then it’s a wide choice for those. Who want to build a blog or business website. Because this is easily understandable and having free options in excessive quantity. And if you see on another side then Weebly also a way to create a professional website or blog. Now obviously your surprised when all have same options then what is the difference between WordPress and Weebly?

So here you will read a comparison between WordPress vs Weebly. You will able to see pros and cons of both blogging platforms. So it will help you to choose the best blogging platform.

Keep in mind here we are discussing, not But if you want to see the difference between and org. Then visit the previous link.

Self Hosted and Hosted (WordPress vs Weebly)

WordPress is an open source software. And it’s free, more than 75000 developers contribute to building it. Because it is self-hosted. So therefore in which you are responsible for everything. And when you are self-responsible then it’s mean you are the owner. And everything of your site is in your own hand. Here you will install software and design everything. After that not satisfy you can move to another platform without getting permission. So you have rights to handle your content as you desire.

On the other side if you see Weebly. Then Weebly is a hosted platform. In which, you are doing work under another party rights. It’s mean you don’t have right to handle anything according to your wish. And you also face some restrictions to using some feature. After that, you do not have freed to move your site to another platform easily.

After all, conversation, if you see winner then it is WordPress.

Features of WordPress vs Weebly


If you see features of WordPres vs Weebly. WordPress has more than 45000 plugins. All these plugins are offering free plans. And easily installable from the WordPress directory. You have also an option to install free themes and plugins from WordPress dashboard. If you go on the premium side then you can also use premium themes and plugins. In which, you can rank your site with the help of free and paid plugin. Like as Yoast SEO, SEO Pressor etc.

WordPress vs Weebly

WordPress all themes are SEO friendly and mobile friendly. And if you see search engine demand about mobile friendly. Then you will see on the top of the list. If you want to start an e-commerce site then you don’t need to make changes in existing theme. Just visit ThemeForest, colorLib etc. and purchase and pre-develop e-commerce theme. Just change some options and enjoy.


Now we see about Weebly. Weebly has built in tools. You can create a page or post by dragging and dropping tool. But in WordPress the dragging and dropping tool not available. You can add anything like contact form, online store etc. using drag and drop option. While using Weebly you don’t need any extension. Because of everything available in the built-in tool. Just drag and drop where you want.

However, if you feel a need of a feature which is not in the built-in tool. Then there is no another option just hire a person. Who is a designer of Weebly for the addition of this feature.

On the other hand in WordPress if you want to add a special feature. Just visit WordPress directory and install a plugin which you want. You can also insert a feature by inserting code on your own behalf. Just visit different forums like Maxthon community or And submit your question people will answer. After that just visit our site and search here. And you will get articles about it. WordPress thousands tutorials and videos available on the web. So no trouble face in WordPress and it is more than popular from Weebly.

Now here if you see winner then again WordPress.

Templates of WordPress vs Weebly


Now if you see templates of WordPress vs Weebly. Then Weebly has only 200 themes. But these are all easily understandable with drag and drop tool.

WordPress vs Weebly


On the other hand, WordPress has drag and drop themes but these are available in premium. In free themes drag and drop option not available. WordPress’s themes quantity in thousands. These all are downloadable and purchase from WordPress directory and different sites lie ThemeLab and StudioPress.

WordPress Themes

Themify has created drag and drops themes of WordPress. So if you have interest then just visit the site and purchase.

Here if you see who is the winner then Weebly because they are offering free drag and drop themes. And WordPress drag and drop themes will purchase from the third party.

eCommerce Comparison


Now if you see eCommerce option then WordPress has hundreds free plugins. Which you can use for transaction process. Like as WooCommerce, iThemes, EasyDigitalDownloads etc. Nowadays most themes have pre-made an option of eCommerce. But if you use the plugin then they also have options like add coupon and receipt customization etc.

WordPress vs Weebly

Without any charges, you can use. You will not charge any fee for the transaction.


On the other hand, if you see in Weebly. Then here options are limited, you can start an online store. But they will charge 3% on every transaction. When you want to remove this transaction fee then you need to upgrading. And the business plan will charge $25 per month.

Now here the winner is WordPress.

Move To Another Platform


When you have hosted on WordPress. Then everything in your own hand. If you want to move on another platform then you can export everything off your blog. Here you have the choice to export data in different formats.

WordPress vs Weebly


While Weebly gives permission to move the site to another platform. But you can download the only HTML-like pages and posts. Your slider or extra features will not download. So here you are ban to only content. You have only one right.

Now here WordPress again the winner of this topic.


WordPress is a great tool regarding online store or blog. You have many free options which are easily accessible.

While Weebly has a limited edition in which you don’t have the right to the whole site. If you don’t satisfy then you cannot download your whole blog or site. There are only 200 templates without the extra feature addition option.

Now all depend on you. If you have an interest in Squarespace then read here the difference between Squarespace vs WordPress.

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