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Wordfence Security Plugin A Free Source Which Can Make

Wordfence Security plugin is a good package to secure any WordPress website. Here I am sharing Wordfence Security Plugin tutorial with pictures so you can easily configure to secure your WordPress website. It will secure from hacking and also safe from Google blacklist. When any file needs repairing then repair these files also. This is the best feature of Wordfence Security plugin is that it include brute force protection for your WordPress blog. It removes the version of WordPress and blocks fake crawlers to save your WP blog.

Wordfence plugin is a product of Cloud scanning servers. They are good developers and maintain every version in routine. Wordfence security review are good on the internet if you see more than 1 Million people are using this Security plugin to save their WordPress site. Wordfence Security plugin consists on 4.9/5 rating from their users.

Don’t Forget To Read Wordfence Security Plugin Features

  • Scan themes files and core files
  • Also, scan installed plugins on your WordPress website
  • Option of scanning that files also which are external from your WordPress blog
  • Check for passwords on weak passwords inform the WordPress admin
  • Also, check the space of disk to safe from DDoS attack
  • Also, inform expire themes or plugins installed on WP blog
  • Secure from Brute force login
  • Firewall protection
  • Hide the version of WordPress to save website from hackers

WordPress Wordfence Security Plugin Configuration With Pictures

Now we see WordPress Wordfence Security Plugiconfigurationon with pictures. In the free version of WordPress Wordfence Security plugin, you can use some features if you want to get access to whole, then hire premium version. If you want to know about Best WordPress Security Plugin 2016.

Let’s Start To Install WordPress Plugin

Install Plugin

Now search for the desired plugin.

WordPress directory

Here you need to install the Plugin and activate it.

Install Wordfence Security Plugin

After activation just enters your email id.

Enter Email ID For Wordfence Plugin Subscriptions

After it, click on options from the left pane.

Wordfence Plugin Options

Settings of Basic Options

Lastly, do your basic setting like showing as below pic for better working.

  • Furthermore, after installation, you will get a message in which Wordfence Security plugin demand your email address to send updating your WordPress blog.
  • Just uncheck enable live traffic view. Because it will effect on your SEO. It will increase your website loading time. How To Make Website Speed Faster?

Wordfence Basic Options Setting

Now the turn Advance Options

Advanced Options


Wordfence Alert Tab Setting

Scans To Include

Wordfence Scan to Include Setting

Firewall Rules

First, click on highlighted place and read about it after that set this according to your site requirements.

Firewall Rule Tab Setting

Login Security Options

Login Security Options Setting

Login Security Options Setting

Lastly, these are setting of WordPress Security Wordfence plugin. Furthermore, I hope this plugin will work great with your WordPress Website or Blog, no need for other options if you want to use other options. Then you can use like Whois Lookup option will show you IP address details. If you see any malicious activity from any IP address then you can block from

Then you can use like Whois Lookup option will show you IP address details. If you see any malicious activity from any IP address then you can block from the advanced blocking option. Just run the first scan to check issues. If you face any then you can leave a comment in comment section. Lastly, don’t forget to read How To Repair And Optimize SQL Database PhpMyAdmin?

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