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2017 Lazy Man’s Guide To Google AdSense Alternative

2017 Lazy Man's Guide To Google AdSense Alternative

If you see about Google AdSense then it’s a great channel for earning. But when you have applied and get rejection then a person prefer Google AdSense alternative. Because every blogger wants to change their passion into money.

Mostly bloggers got rejection after applying for approval. It’s a great way for publishers and advertisers. Because this is a big search engine of the world and give facility to advertisers. So they can advertise their business, on the oppose hand it gives a chance to publishers. So they can earn a handsome amount by placing ads. But the issue is that it hates spam sites and methods. Therefore, approval is bit different but not impossible.

However, now after many times struggle, if you are disappointed then move to Google AdSense alternative. They also are offering better amount.

If you are banned from AdSense then you can move your earning source to Google AdSense alternative 2017.

High Paying Google AdSense Alternative 2017

Let’s read my experience with AdSense which give me a lesson. If you are finding best Google AdSense alternative then I think it will be difficult to find. Because if you search on the internet then you will get hundred AdSense alternatives. Who is the best and who is wrong? The answer to this question bit difficult because of everyone pays regarding your site’s visitors.

By the way, Google AdSense and Bing publisher program are paying well. Nowadays we are living in competition era. If we see a pen thousands of companies are making this, every company will try to give this in low currency and good quality. Like this Google AdSense competitors also available and pay well. You can join these without any hurdle. If you see on another hand, Google AdSense approve your blog after 6 months before it will reject.

When you approve your account then Google verify your address and after verification, your income will start. Before this, you are not capable of withdrawing a penny from your Google AdSense account. I am going to reveal some names of AdSense sites which are best in the world. is a best AdSense alternative which is paying better amount against placing text ads. Minimum payout is $ 100 which can get via PayPal and Wire. does not show irrelevant ads. Like as if your article has published on SEO then SEO link article will show. That’s thing make the unique platform.


BidVertiserBidVertiser is also listed in the best AdSense alternative of 2017 which is paying better amount against pay per click. Minimum payout is $ 10 which can get via PayPal and Payza. BidVertiser doesn’t have strict policies for publishers who want to earn by the usage of this channel. If you have newly site then just update articles regularly and earn traffic. After it, you can place their ads.



Infolinks popular way of earning also available for you. Here your site will approve manually and you can get your earned amount by PayPal, Western Union, eCheck, Wire. The beneficial thing for this platform is that, if your country does not have the facility of PayPal then you can get money via the Western Union, eCheck or Wire.

The issue of this platform is that they show only Facebook ads. So now if you are interested then apply.

Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates a unique way of earning also available for your website. After approval of your site ads will show as Recommended, search and custom ads. Furthermore, you can get your earned amount via PayPal, Western Union, eCheck, Wire. After sign up, you will get $10 gift certificate also. So why are you waiting just go and start earning? Lastly, they will show product ads which attract people to purchase from this site.



Adversal has some restrictions like minimum traffic 50,000. Furthermore, they are offering banner ads, pop-under ads and Ministitial ads. They are offering payment method via PayPal, Check, Wire or ACH. The minimum payout of this publisher program is $20. So if your blog has 50,000 traffic per month then apply and convert your passion into earning. Adversal also approves website manually. So let’s apply……



VigLink does not have any limitation to withdraw an amount. So if you have $ 1 then you can withdraw. It will show ads like as under:

  • Anywhere VigLink
  • Convert VigLink
  • VigLink Insert



BuySellAds also a way of earning. The BuySellAds pay ($ 20 PayPal), ($ 50 Check) and ($ 500 Wire Transfer). It is offering only Banners ads. So if you are interested then you can apply and get approval. Keep in mind if your site does not have traffic then try to increase website traffic first.

ProPeller Ads


The ProPeller Ads also have approx. same like BuySellAds they are paying ($ 50 PayPal), ($ 100 Payoneer) and ($ 500 Wire Transfer). ProPeller Ads are offering as under ads:

  • PopUnder Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Banner Ads



Chitika has some different from others like you can withdraw an amount $ 10 PayPal and $ 50 Check. They are offering like showing below listed ads:

  • Targeted
  • Text Mobile



Skimlinks is also a fabulous way for publishers. So if you are interested then sign up and start to earn today. You can withdraw $ 10 PayPal. If your country doest not have the facility of PayPal then it will be difficult for you. Mostly e-commerce ads are showing which compel the user to click on it. So if you want to show the ads of Skimlinks then why are you thinking just visit the site and submit your site for approval. After it, your earning will start immediately.

Some Other Ways of Earning Online

Furthermore, I want to give some other ways of earning online. Every company is offering a referral program. So if you want to earn via referral program then get an idea by me and try it. Now if you have good site’s traffic then no doubt your will earn.


If you have Skrill account then why are you waiting yet? Just Sign up for this program and when someone sign up using your link. Then you will get a reward of  €100 per friend.Referal Program


Payoneer is also offering a referral program. Just sing up for Payoneer and when someone will sign up by using your link then Payoneer will pay $ 25 per friend.

 So let’s sign up for these:

After sign up for publisher program, you can create ads like banners etc. After it, when someone will click and sign up by using this ad. You will earn money and the money will automatically add to your Skrill or Payoneer account. You can withdraw this money via bank transfer. Skrill and Payoneer both are offering money transfer to any country. So let’s start today……

Lastly, you have learned how to earn money from Google AdSense alternatives and referral program. If you have other than an idea then share us via guest post. I hope you will like this and follow us on Twitter. Furthermore, if you want to do some extra struggle for your website then below supporting articles will help you.

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